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anant chaturdashi


Anant Chaturdashi falls on the 14th day of the bright fortnight of Shukla paksha of the Bhado month.
Lord Ganesha is worshipped on this day.

ashtami shraddha


It is also known as Arudrashtami when it coincides with Arudranakshatram. Shraddh rituals are performed to provide homage to the dead ancestors.
Shiva Pooja should be performed on this day with the help of a pundit.

ashwin amavasya


The Hindu calnder states that the first fortnight (15 days) of the month of Ashwin are considered very sacred for karmic cleansing and for performing rituals and prayers for the forefathers.
Pitra Puja is to be done on this day.


Bhadrapada Amavasya

Many people perform pooja at their place or temple to calm down the souls of their beloved ones as this day is remarkable to end the negative energies.
Book a Puja for Lord Shiva on this day.

dwitiya shraddha


Shraddh is one of the most significant time to remember our ancestors and pray for the departed souls to rest in peace.
Pitras (ancestors) are worshipped on this day.

ganesh chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is the celebration held in the honour of the birth of Lord Ganesha.
It is a huge festival in Maharashtra and is celebrated over ten days. Perform Lord Ganesha Puja.

hartalika teej

Hartalika Teej

Hartalika Teej is celebrated during the Shukla paksha of the Bhadrapada month.
Statues of lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are made with sand and are worshipped for marital bliss and children.

lalita saptami

Lalita Saptami

Saptami is the seventh day of the month followed by eighth day known as Radhashtmi.
Lord Radha Krishna is to be worshipped on this day.



Magha Shraddha is a significant ritualperformed by the hindu devotees in honour of their forefathers and deceased family members.
Pitras (ancestors) are worshipped on this day.

mahalaxmi vrat

Mahalaxmi Vrat

Sri Mahalaxmi Vrat is observed on the eighth day of Shukla Paksha in the Bhadrapatha month.
maa MahaLaksxmi is to be worshipped on this day.

navmi shradh


Naavami Shraddh is preformed for those who died on Navmi Tithi including both Shukla and Krishna Paksha Navami.
Pitras (ancestors) are worshipped on this day.

onam festival


Onam is the most important festival celebrated in the state of Kerala.
Lord Vishnu is to be worshipped on this day.

tritiya shradh


It is advisable to perform Lord Vishnu pooja with the help of a pundit on this day to bring peace, love and harmony in homes and as well as among relatives and well-wishers.

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