Virgo Horoscope

(August 23rd to September 22nd)


Virgo Zodiac sign starts from August 23rd to September 22nd each calendar year. It is also followed that the effects of Virgo Zodiac sign takes around 6-7 days to come into its full effects.

The Vedic name of Virgo, The Virgin in English, is Kanya. It is of Earth type, mutable and negative

Virgo is the 6th sign and so to say the backbone of the zodiac wheel. The sign is ruled by the nurturing Virgin. The energy of the sign focuses on control. It is a hardworking, critical sign. The natives of this sign are called the minute editors of the zodiac.

How to recognize Virgo?

Virgos are always devoted to their families. Virgo men stand out as a loner. They are gentle and attractive. They are wise and learned. They can spend hours neatly and methodically, go for the minute details all the while.

Virgo women are calm with deep beautiful and soft eyes. She observes everything minutely and is quick to find flaws and fix them at th same time. They stretch helping hands to others to reach their potential.

Virgo Nature

Virgo natives are always mature and perfectionists. Although some may feel them ice-cold, they have a fascinating inner world where everything can rest efficiently. They are strong but conservative, well-organized in their everyday life. They can fathom the inner self of a person keenly. They are helpful, supportive, and pure by heart. In spite of being often tender, their heart may be linked with the outer world.

Mercury, the Virgo Ruling Planet

Mercury rules Virgo natives and makes them intelligent and witty. They have a gift of the gab can express their feelings through writing and different forms of communication. Meticulous as they are, they can pick up the cream of information by sorting out the important and useful. The energy of the planet makes them highly observant and analytical.

The House of Routine: Ruling House 6th

The sixth house hints at daily habits, make the natives mindful to wellness and concept of personal growth. The energy makes them good lovers, planners and the persons who always seek improvement. The sixth house is related to mastery in the tasks related to each work. The sign influences duties and responsibilities regarding their personal life. They are not oblivious of their respective careers that meet their needs.

Being the Earth Element

Earth being the element, empowers them to become strong and reliable persons. Conservative however they may be they are well-organized. They can arrange schedules within a while and fix a plan to do something fruitful. They are observers with logical minds. They are aware of their surroundings and keep constant vigil if something is wrong and scattered.

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Strengths of the Virgo People

The Virgo people can enjoy studying every situation minutely. These are good people who understand things aptly. Very reliable, practical they are helpful to people around them. At the same time, they are humble and free-going. They have an analytical mind that can help them to approach any situation critically. They have the power of discrimination. They can never be easily duped as they can see through minute things.

Virgo Traits

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is considered as the most perfect one in all respect. Highly reliable, extremely organized and prudent Virgos are very talented too. Virgos have some of the positive and negative traits that can make them different to others.

Virgo Positive Traits


Virgo individuals are extremely intelligent and are always ready to store whatever they find on the way to their brain and mind. Ruled by the intelligent planet Mercury, Virgo is the sign of extreme intelligence with a systematic approach to life. They try to make them always to the point and focused.

Calm and Serene Virgo

They are always calm and collected. But they have a great intensity to bring order to the world. They always try to make everything perfect. They are highly patient with others and try to find the good sides in everything and everyone. They are not reluctant to spare time with others to lead them to their goals.

Highly Analytical

A Virgo has an analytical mind. Capable of finding solutions to tough problems they can make big decisions with analytical precisions. They are allowed to find solutions to problems with attention to details. They are clever persons hence go through all possible phases of thinking before taking a decision.

Honesty, the Best Policy

Virgo is regarded as one of the most honest signs in the zodiac. They can always tell others exactly how they feel about them blatantly. Sugar coating words to appease someone is not expected from them. For them, honesty is the best way to follow even if sometimes truth hurts. They are ready to follow every instruction at the workplace that makes them the leading team players.

Too Reliable to Trust

Virgo individuals are reliable and committed. Everyone can completely rely on them to complete tasks efficiently and perfectly. To be very rational is in their hearts. Virgo people will be the first to respond to the calls of others and the last to leave from a situation disheartened.


Initially, Virgo may seem to control their close ones’ lives. But the near ones realize soon that Virgo people are analytical to find ways to help them to improve their lives.

Virgo People with Negative Traits

Intelligent Too Much

Virgo individuals are not always easy as one thinks about them. Sometimes they can be critical and demanding. They already have clear pictures in their minds about how things can be done in a decent manner.

Highly Judgmental

Virgos are too judgmental to the extreme to appraise people based on certain particular viewpoint. Sometimes they try to cast deep glances at the hearts of those persons around. This makes them in some situations dilly-dallying to foretell about a person’s good or bad sides.

Followers of Tradition

Virgo persons are a bit conservative and old fashioned so to say. These people do not really accept modern changes and prefer to cling to old traditional ways. Sometimes Virgo seems exceedingly pedantic.


Virgo has strong likes and dislikes that make him or her quite fussy. It can be very irritating to others sometimes.


Virgo individuals need enough time to warm them up. They are too slow to make an idea of general people. Work settings make them unable to do anything in haste. They commit, after enough brooding and enough analysis and always go for the ultimate best.

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