Pujas to overcome Enemies

Pujas to overcome Enemies

Kesari Nandan Puja

Lord Kesri Nandan or lord Hanuman was born to the Monkey King Kesari (father) and his mother was Anjani. This puja blesses with courage, and strength to fight all sort of enemies and removes all evils and bad fortune.

Hanuman Puja

The Hanuman puja enables a person to fight illness, get good health, strength, vitality, courage, win over enemies, get give peace of mind. It enhances leadership qualities, and makes one dependable and trustworthy.

Bharoiv Puja

Bhairon puja is done to win over enemies. When the planet Rahu is malefic or weak in one horoscope, this puja is highly recommended.

Navagraha Puja

The word Navgrah is made up of two words - Nava which in hindi means "Nine" and Grah which means "Planets". This puja blesses the worshipper with prosperity, happiness, wealth, love, good relations and, power to win over enemies and black magic.

Baglamukhi Puja

The name "Baglamukhi" is combination of two words "Bagala" and "Mukha", meaning "bridle" and "face", respectively. This Puja empowers one to capture and control his enemies and negate the effects of the black magic. It also empowers the worshipper with hypnotic powers.

Durga Sahasranamam

Durga Sahastranam is 1000 names of the Goddess Durga. Durga Sahastranam Strota is indeed is a hymn eulogizing the Goddess, by recitation thousand names of her. This chanting of thousand names of Durga Maa blesses the worshipper with fearlessness, courage, prosperity specially with trapped wealth, peace and harmony.

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