Nakshtra Puja and Homam

About Nakshtra Puja and Homam

It is said in our Vedas that Nakshatra Puja is very important in our lives. It should be conducted once a year. By performing the Nakshatra Puja one is blessed with health, vitality, protection from evil effects, wealth and prosperity.

Indian Vedic Astrology considers Nakshatra (in which we are born, one of the 27 constellations), to be the important aspect of our lives. Nakshatra indicates our attitude , even our physical appearance and our future.

Total Rahshis Nakshatra :
  • Mesham (Aries): Aswini, Bharani, Krithigai Nakshatras
  • Vrishabh (Taurus): Krithigai, Rohini, Mrigasrisham Nakshatras
  • Mithuna (Gemini): Mrigasrisham, Thiruvadri, Punarpoosam Nakshatras
  • Karka (Cancer): Punarpoosam, Poosam, Aailyam Nakshatras
  • Singha (Leo): Magham, Pooram, Uttiram Nakshatras
  • Kanya (Virgo): Uttiram, Hastham, Chithirai Nakshatras
  • Tula (Libra): Chithirai, Swadhi, Visagam Nakshatras
  • Vrischika (Scorpio): Visagam, Anusham, Katteai Nakshatras
  • Dhanu (Saggittarius): Moolam, Pooradam, Uttiradam Nakshatras
  • Makra (Capricorn): Uttiradam, Thiruvonam, Avittam
  • Kumbha (Aquarius): Avittam, Satayam, Pooratadhi Nakshatras
  • Meena (Pisces): Pooratadhi, Uttiratadhi, Revati

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The astrologer at told me that I should get Nakshatra Puja done to get the Nakshatras in place. My horoscope had some loopholes apparently and because of that, I got this Puja performed by This is a good Puja and it surely have benefited me in many ways. Almost all my problems are gone now.

By Priyanka Sud, Professor, France

I never had heard of such a Puja in my life. But when things went wrong, pundit advised me to get this puja done for the attainment of health, wealth and happiness. I performed this Puja and got greatly benefited by it. Next year, I am definitely going to try it through

By Sanjay Lakhani, self-employed, Tamil Nadu

Nakshatra Puja is a great puja to pacify the nakshatras. Pundit ji told me that it is important for me to get this puja done. I did it with an expert purohit and it came out really well. It did amazing things for my life. And my life saw instant upliftment, almost all my health and mental illness are gone and life is at peace.

By Siddhu Bijlani, Doctor, Noida
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