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I have been in touch with Abhishek ji since long , and my experence has been really good with him. His guidance has helped me a lot. Teh remedies suggested by him have worked for me well. Thank u.

By Neeraj Goyal (Insurance Advisor Delhi)
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Phone consultancy though charged a good amount for, is a very gud service of Mr Abhishek is a very experienced astrologer. He does in depth study of one's horoscope and comes out with the detailed explanations of why one is suffering from any kind of trouble related to one's horoscope somewhere and somehow. And the remedies he comes up with are extraordinary and really effective.

By Aarav khuruna, (engineer)

Talk to Astrologer (Online Personal Horoscope Consultancy)

If you are really looking to get the answers to your questions and are experiencing anxiety and restless then you have come to the right place. Discuss with our Astrologer about your problem or planning, we will listen to you, check your horoscope and give the logical answers and solutions to your problem. Once you have taken this service you will feel calm and get the clarity which you need the most. The astrology solutions suggested are easy to follow and we will help you in that too.

Talk to Astrologer is one of the most ordered services on Askganesha. You need not get confused as to which Astrologer you wish to talk to. Our astrologers Mr. Abhishek Dhawan and Mr. Amit Saini are the only two so that you do not get confused. We unlike other websites do not work as portal for other astrologers where anyone can get registered and you have to hit and try which one is good.

We will fix a time slot which would be mutually convenient to both, you and the astrologer. He will prepare your chart in advance and study it thoroughly so that the maximum time goes in answering of the questions instead of studying of the horoscope.

You can ask any number of questions in the time slot be it love astrology, marriage prefiction, career guidance, finance astrology, travel, health, business, litigation astrology, child birth or child guidance etc.

More about AskGanesha Astrologers

Abhishek Dhawan Astrologer
Abhishek Dhawan

Mr. Abhishek Dhawan has been associated with astrology since his school days. As young child he was interested in Astrology and had read many books on the same, when opportunity came knocking at his door, he went on to study Astrology under the best astrologers in India.

Amit Saini Astrologer
Amit Saini

Mr. Amit Saini is expert in the field of Vedic and Nadi (simplified KP) Astrology. His qualifications including a Degree in Jyotish Acharya, along with his other degrees of Engineering and Masters in Computer Applications.. He has done extensive research in combining the astrology with technology

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Read Customer Reviews

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β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… is very flexible in fixing the time slot for consultation and at the same time they are very professional in handling questions. You just need to book an appointment with the astrologer and he will handle all your queries. I had a good experience and I highly recommend it to others.

By Lovika gupta (housewife)
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After going to many astrologers and pundits who charge a hefty amount for their services, I came to know about The astrologer of this site is very intelligent and he actually utilises the time slot given to its client. He made me satisfied and asked me not to worry as good and bad times are part of life and nothing last forever.

By Manish kumar (audit associate)
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β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… provides the best consultancy services whether on phone or personally. The astrologer is very sweet and experienced and he gives a lot of time to his clients.

By Vijay, (businessman)

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