Pujas to Get Rid Of Evil Effects

Pujas to Get Rid Of Evil Effects

gajanan puja

Gajanan Homam

Lord Gajanan (Ganesha) eradicates all difficulties faced by an individual. Doing this Puja regularly provides health, wealth, prosperity and peace of mind. All obstacles in the path of financial security are removed.

nakshatra puja

Nakshatra Puja

It is said in our Vedas that Nakshatra Puja is very important in our lives. It should be conducted once a year. By performing the Nakshatra Puja one is blessed with health, vitality, protection from evil effects, wealth and prosperity.

sarv yoni karmic puja

Sarv Yoni Karmic Puja

Karmic Puja/Homam is performed for minimizing the ill-effects of the planets that are related to the past life of a native. It is one of the most powerful Homas for removing all bad effects of the deeds done in past life. It is performed to please the planets affecting the house of past life.

pratyangira devi puja

Pratyangira Devi Puja

Devi Pratyangira blesses her devotees with invincible power, it is believed that those who worship her with utmost devotion, are blessed with a power to win against their enemies surely.

maa baglamukhi puja

Baglamukhi Puja

Goddess Baglamukhi represents strength, knowledge and victory. Goddess Baglamukhi puja is done to rid one from evil spells, to win in court cases, to win over enemies, to vanquish opposition.

bharoiv puja

Bharoiv Puja

Bhairav Puja is done to win over enemies, evil effects of malefic planets and from black magic. Fearlessness and courage is attained along with purification of mind, body and soul. The worship of Lord Bhairav to reduce the evils caused by the malefic position of Rahu in the horoscope.

nav chandi puja

Nav Chandi Puja

This unique puja enables the worshipper to lead a happy, healthy, prosperous life with fame and absence of malefic effects of unfavourable planets.

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