Jagaddhatri is another form of Goddess Durga. Her name Jagaddhatri is a combination of two words, Jagad which means 'world' and dhatri means 'holder'. Thus Jagaddhatri means the one who hold the world or the protector of the world. It is believed that she is the one who holds the world and without her permission, nothing can be moved. Goddess Jagaddhatri is most dedicatedly worshipped in West Bengal. The devotees organize a puja for Devi Jagaddhatri and sing and dance for her. Jagaddhatri is celebrated on Gosthastami, it is also referred to as another Durga Puja as it also starts on Asthami and ends on Dashami. Jagaddhatri is associated with Tantra and is symbolised by Sattva which means purity. She cures the world by taking off all kinds of evil forces and diseases. Jaddhatri is depicted in the colour of the rising sun. Her complexion is orange in color. The orange color is the color of sacrifice and the burning of evil deeds and ego. Jagaddhatri has three eyes which stands for the moon, the sun and the fire symbolising desire, action and knowledge and because of this, she is known as 'Triyambake'. Jagaddhatri has four arms holding bow, arrow, conch and chakra in each hand. She is dressed in a red colored saree and is renowned with jewellery. Her vehicle is Lion representing strength and power.

As per the legends, when Mahishasura was defeated, all Devatas got arrogant and thought they are supreme beings. Lord Brahma in order to teach them a lesson, gave them a small grass and asked all the Devatas to try and move the grass with all the power they possess. All the Devatas tried their best and used all kinds of power to move the grass but it didn't sway from its place. It was Goddess Jagaddhatri who controls the world and thus the Devatas realised that their power is limited and they are not supreme. Not even a single grass can be harmed without her permission.

Puja for Lord Jagaddhatri

Anybody who worships Jagaddhatri becomes absolutely egoless and a true servant of the world which is nothing but a manifestation of the Brahman.

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I never knew about Goddess Jagaddhatri. I read about it online and got to know its importance. I was practising yoga and meditation but from some time, I realised that instead of getting egoless, my anger was increasing. It is then I performed a complete homam for Goddess Jagddhatri who in turn blessed me with an open mind and a kind soul.

By Anuj Srivastava, Businessman, Kolkata

Totally true. Goddess Jagddhatri blesses her devotees and give them the feeling of being one with the universe. I have performed the puja too and found it pretty amazing. I dint know how to perform it so I decided to place the order of my puja with Askganesha.com. They did the puja on my part with a very good pundit and all the rituals were taken complete care of. The puja really benefited me.

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By Sachin Aggarwal, Engineer, Bangalore

This puja has also benefited my sister. She is a firm believer in the almighty and according to her, everything happens because God wants it to happen. She worships Devi Jagaddhatri and believes that she is the one. Last year when she got really sick, she wanted to perform her puja but she couldn't as she didn't have the power to. She paid the fee for the puja to Askganesha.com who performed it on her behalf. The puja really affected her health and she is fine now.

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