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Looking for astrological guidance on Career, Job and Finance. Get Astrology Prediction for a secured and planned future.

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Ask A Question on Career

Having questions related to career, job or finance then you have need to go for the Ask A Questions service for Career astrology. Questions like "When will I get a job?" or "When is the right time to change?" and similar questions related to career will be answewred. Get answers related to your career here.


Career Report

Career is one of the most important facet of life without it, it would be difficult to get along. Find out what is in store for you in the coming years and the remedies to get the things in your favor. Shape up your career with the astrological guidelines.


Business Report

Having your own business or planning to start up some new business. Get the insight to the planetary effects and plan your moves accordingly. Get to know all about rise and fall, partnerships, expansions, new ventures etc. Get the perfect business planner.


Auspicious Time for Career

Looking to join a new job/starting of a new office/start of new project well you can make them go in your favor by starting in the right and auspicious time. A muhurat would help you long way. Put your step forward with cosmic energy on your side.


Best suited Gem Stone for Career

Gemstones have been found to be beneficial for advancement in career, job and for increase in finances. Find out the best suited Gemstone as per your horoscope in regards to career and finance. Why wait go for it now. in life...


Talk to Astrologer

Consult directly with astrologers over the Phone. You can avail this service when the Astrologer is online or with appointment.


12-Month Career Report

The twelve month report would be beneficial for every job going person as it would guide you through the coming months and would provide you guidelines which you need to follow in order to have stability.


Remedies for improvement in career

Having problems in career like, delay in job, stagnation, change of job not happening, problems at office and such problems then get them sorted out early and easily through the help of Vedic Remedies. Vedic remedies have helped people from all over the globe. Enhance your career and finances.

Life Report

Life Predictions with Career section

The full life predictions covers your life important facets such as Career, Finance, Marriage, Married Life, Health, Travel and other events too. You can request for more emphasis on career reading and get a clear picture of the road of life. Get an exhaustive Full Life Report with the best remedies.


Best Pujas for Career / Profession

The most performed pujas for advancement in Career is Lakshmi Narayan Puja:. This puja is of Maa Lakshmi and Lord Narayan. Maa Lakshmi is the giver of wealth and lord Narayan bestows the native with intelligence and ability. You too can benefit from this puja.

best yantras for career

Best Yantras for Career/Profession

The most sorted out Yantra for Career betterment is Maha Lakshmi Yantra. MahaLakshmi yantra is the yantra for praising and worshiping Maa lakshmi the odes of Wealth and Lord Ganesha the remover of obstacles. By praying to this yantra one is bestowed with good and prosperous career and wealth.

Mantras For Career

Mantras to enhance your career and professional attributes

Your career defines you and your life choices. In order to enhance your position in job, or to get the dream job you can opt the Surya Mantra You can also opt this Mantra for prosperity and success in career Lakshmi Ganesh Mantras and Maa Shakti Mantras

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