Shakti Mantra

Shakti Mantra of Goddess Shakti or Adi Shakti

Shakti means power. In the hindu mythology, Shakti is the name given to the Goddess of Power, the one whose power knows no boundations. Shakti has been categorised in to nine forms of the Goddess, each one is separated by her unique characteristics and powers. The traits that unite all the forms are purity and truth. It is believed that Goddess Shakti or Adi Shakti has powers beyond this universe. She possesses the power to create as well as destroy the universe. The idol of Maha Shakti is seen sitting on a Lion, has three eyes, she holds trident, shield, mace, bow, arrow, chakra, sword in each of her hands. One hand is shown as bestowing blessings on her devotees.

The recitation of Shakti Mantra assists in better concentration, boosts self-confidence, encourages actions thereby aids in achievement of goals and aspirations at the quickest pace possible. This mantra is highly recommended for career advancement as it boons one’s vitality. This mantra is of utmost benefit in dispelling negative energy from the surroundings of the aspirant. Subsequently an efficient work medium is achieved which ultimately reduces the stress level, sorrows and nervousness which has been previously hindering the work quality.



ॐ एएम ह्रींम श्रीम चामुण्डायै विच्चे नमः

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