Gemini Horoscope

(May 21st to June 20th)


Gemini Zodiac sign starts from May 21st to June 20th each calendar year. It is also followed that the effects of Gemini Zodiac sign takes around 6-7 days to come into its full effects.

Gemini Zodiac sign, in Sanskrit Mithun, means twins. The type of Gemini or Mithun is airy, changeable and positive

Gemini Nature

There are two distinct shades in the personality of a Gemini zodiac native. They are partly intellectual and partly disoriented. Gemini people are versatile people who always go for a little forethought. They can be in one place today and in the other tomorrow. They are sharp-speakers, clever persons and can speak keeping in mind of the circumstances quite easily. They are very fast learners and can assimilate any vast subject.

They can understand anything fast with the help of listening and thinking. They are impatient, conservative and exceptionally analytical. They cannot make up their minds at once as to whom to stand with on particular issues. Many times they think too much and become baffled at the right time.

They are practical in nature as well as imaginative and creative. They are highly motivated, curious to acquire knowledge and to interact with different people. They are averse to monotony and yearn for change and flexibility every time.

Mercury the Ruling Planet of Gemini:

Being the third house it represents their thought process and communication skills. It shows how they process gathered information. The third house is about how well one can reveal messages to others. It is responsible for conversations and interactions with friends, colleagues, and members of family. Mercury being the ruling planet of the house gives the native a powerful connection between the soul and the mouth. The house signifies personal and professional travelling.


They require constant motivation for self-expression, can’t stay on one thing for a very long time as they get bored easily. As a result they shift to a new task before finishing the previous one. They need minute information of everything. They are being curious to learn new things and often going to experiment with different things and ideas may fall into dangerous situations. Then they bite their nails out of self-consciousness. They can fire up any situation escalate tasks, activities or events. They go on checking phones obsessively. They get disconnected and distracted quite easily.

Gemini Element: Air

They belong to mutable air sign so are continuously enrage a conversational storm. They are gifted with strong mental energy and intellect. Their lives stem out from remarkable experiences, leanings and innovative ideas. They exhibit great creative synergy to form instant connections with people. Being social butterflies they always flutter from one conversation to other easily and smartly. They can adapt and fit into various situations but tend to get bored easily leading to discontinuation of undertaken tasks.

Gemini Native Strengths

They are clever, very smart, highly energetic, very passionate, adjustable, and very quick-witted. Eager to cater the juiciest pieces of information to friends and closed ones, they always are in the company of interesting people. They possess good clarity in thought process. They have logical and well knit ideas to deal with all kinds of situation. They are gifted with uncanny emotional intelligence. They know what the other one really wants to hear from them. They can breathe new life in the same daily routine. The people around are always excited and happy having them among the gathering.

Geminians Weaknesses

As they live in the moment they keep on changing with time. Hence, they remain extremely difficult for others to be understood. Out of curiosity they try to gather knowledge in all areas but they fail. Very often they exaggerate stories to make them juicy and interesting. Their duality leads to frequent change of mind and positions every now and then. This quality leads them to difficulties in personal relationships.

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Gemini Traits

They are sociable, talkative and love to be surrounded all the while. Highly passionate and easy-going they are always ready for an adventure or intellectual conversation. Planet Mercury makes them fast, humorous and efficient in communicating with others.

Geminians are fun-loving, but they possess few weaknesses.

Gemini Positive Traits


Geminians are adaptable, easy-to-go and flexible by nature. They are always willing to try new things. They are ready to go along with different plans hence are always prepared for change without bothering whether it is beneficial for them or not. They know how to fit in any group and situation and hence are rightly called chameleons of the zodiac signs.

Gemini Natives Outgoing

They are social beings, love to talk and enjoy parties. They hate to stay at home always prefer to be out to learn new things. They always have interesting things to say and easily fare up conversations even with strangers.

Funny They Are

Being sharp witted and possessing extremely dry and sarcastic sense of humor their jokes and quick-witted response fly right over others heads. They are absolute charmers as their mind work very fast and draw information from witty resources. Geminians are sarcastic in speech. Their funny gigs help others to evade a depressive state of mind.

Enthusiastic Too Much

They are enthusiastic and full of life and always crave to accomplish new and interesting things. However, their enthusiasm seems infectious at times. They are always little ahead of others. Their minds always work fast and share thoughts with the people around you.

Smart Gemini Natives

They are highly smart and intelligent. They are persons who are seen to have a book in their hands or involved in an activity to cater information.

Versatile Genius

They are versatile persons capable of handling multiple things at a time and excel in each. Their multi-tasking qualities help them to indulge in many things and balance. They are interested in a wide variety of subjects.

Gemini Negative Traits


Curiosity about learning new things does not let them pay attention in details on a single thing. They can’t focus on one thing for a longer period. As a result, they have superficial knowledge and they fail to be masters in any areas. At times, they become judgmental and hardly verify any information. They just believe the things shared with. Hence, they often are led to confusion and misunderstanding.


They compliment others on their face. They always have a dark side. They are critics to say about others. But they speak things the other person want to hear and not what they feel.

Lacking in direction

Gemini individuals are inconsistent sometimes happy, sometimes morose. Their moods can change every now and then. Because of duality, they constantly question other's decisions, assuming s/he has managed to actually make one. They get bored very easily and hence are not able to focus on one direction. They only crave for glory in life all the while.

Lacking in seriousness:

They lack seriousness, act very childish at times. They are fickle-minded and ready to make tantrums when they feel restless in staying rooted.

Anxiety Prevails

They become anxious about any important event of life. This is the reason that they aren't able to perform their best under pressure and in very tight deadlines. Their energies are imbalanced and keep stress and emotions inside them which make them feel anxious.

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