Gemini Man Horoscope

Gemini Man Horoscope

Gemini Man are always with full of energy and enthusiasm. They are bright and quick witted so you will never be bore with him. They are unpredictable as well as they carry a twin personality. They always keep on changing their mind on many things so it is difficult to predict what are they up to, but they can see both sides on any of the thing and can give opinions on it on both the sides.

They are loyal to their woman, they love to talk with their woman and you need to be a very good listener. Gemini Man are flirty, and very impressive and can impress you with their charm. They are the best communicator as they can talk for hours and to any one. They look for good mind and thoughts in a woman. Gemini are nervous of too much of closeness so you need to stay away from him at times. As the Gemini man has the tendencies of change, that is change in nature and behavior all of a sudden so you need to keep that in mind for that long lasting relationship. You need to be practical and strong enough to handle that change. They always need space in the relationship. They enjoy the romance in life and are generally not constant with one single partner until they fine one best suited for them. They love independence and freedom so at times when they are bound in love, then they break the barrier. A woman who is beauty with brains turns him on and if you are emotional then it will turn him off.

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