Aries Horoscope

(March 21st to April 19th)


Aries Zodiac sign starts from March 21st to April 19th each calendar year. It is also followed that the effects of Aries Zodiac sign takes around 6-7 days to come into its full effects.

How to recognize Aries?

The natives are optimistic, innocent, born leaders, friendly, totally committed with fiery zeal and robust enthusiasm. It is a little tough to win over them in conversation. They fight for injustice, always eager to initiate things, love to take challenges and make impossible things possible. Their ultimate aim is to be at the apex of everything. Aries people exhibit dynamism and are naturally charismatic. They have the capabilities to convince and lead people at ease.

Aries natives are loyal in a relationship; know well how to maintain it. When the natives, men or women are struck with the arrow of love they share their feelings efficiently. They are to great degree dear lovers to their partner and closed ones .They expect to be tinged with love from their partners and dear ones and if they fail, they feel melancholic and disappointed.

Aries Nature

Aries is a fiery brand that shapes life with daring initiatives. Honesty is the trademark of Aries nature. They face problems upfront; never blame others for the situation. They are never deceptive and devious. They show interest in the concerns that revolve around them or affect them. They are straight forward and innocent. A sweet smile always hovers on their lips.

The word impossible is nowhere in their dictionary. They never lose hope until they reach the desired goals. They want to be the head of the chosen career or get involved in their own professions or business.

The Ruling Planet of Aries: Mars

Mars, the dynamic red planet is the ruler of the sign. It also refers to the Roman God of war. The symbol that represents a ram is bold, courageous and is always ready to fight. The Aries people accept challenges that come on the way. They hate idleness. Once they face any obstacles, instead of brooding over problems, they come up with alternative plans instantly. Mars people like to come straight to the point. They look straight in the eye confidently and honestly. They help others whenever they can. They always remain strong in all situations and never cry their heart out. Ruling planet Mars constantly instill immense energy within them and guides them to use their energy and enthusiasm quite positively.

The Ruling House is First (Self)

The first house hints at the head and physical appearance. In Vedic Astrology it is known as the ascendant too. It tells how the world perceives or thinks about the individual. It tells more about what the native brings out of his quality and the end results s/he achieves. The sign represents the first phase of one's life, childhood. It covers the beginning of a relationship, career, business, job, and all important aspects of life.

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Aries Habits

Aries people love to grab the stage and lead the arguments. They put extra energy and effort to be to the forefront. The quality is authentic to achieve quick success in a short span. Instead of being selfish about the accomplishments they give priority to personal relationships for the more sought after work-life balance.

The Fire Element Aries

Belonging to cardinal fire sign, they are truly owners of all the qualities of the fiery element. They are full of energy, and enthusiasm. They never get exhausted. They are self-disciplined people who can channel the abundant energy in a constructive and effective way. They are active and possess such powerful energy that makes them unpredictable. Fire is radiant energy and spreads light around. Hence the natives spread light everywhere they go. They are never biased to cater service to others. They have strong intuitions and instincts to survive in difficult odd situations. They are freedom lovers, creative and owners of high will power. They follow idealism and carry on good deeds throughout life.

Strengths of the Aries Natives

Aries people are enthusiastic, strong and active. Their biggest strength is their courage. They are brave to accept all sorts of challenges that come forth. They possess positive qualities so to say, self-dependence, energy, generosity, brevity and optimism. They are straight forward to take action as they are highly optimistic and confident in all types of odd situations. They are strong decision-makers and too ambitious to be on the very apex of the respective fields. They work hard to any extent to achieve their cherished goals.

Weaknesses of Aries People

They sometimes are stubborn and stick to their own points in spite of paying heed to others. They sometimes become impatient and lose temper when they face some sort of obstacles and criticism to pursue their tasks. They think about goals and ignore the closed ones. Being very impulsive in actions they may be engulfed by tough situations at times. Criticism and hindrances on the way of success make them depressed.

Aries Traits

Bold and ambitious, the first sign of the zodiac represents rams that are passionate, confident leaders. Arians are bubbling with energy and dynamism. The people live on their own terms, unwilling to compromise on their ideals, beliefs and ideas. This sign symbolizes innocence and egocentricity too.

Everyone has both good and bad traits and Aries zodiac people are no exceptions. A person born with Aries as his/her sun sign has some splendid personality traits and some negative ones too.

Amazing Self Confidence

Self-confidence always persists in tight situations. Aries people are independent creatures and have strong opinions. They stick to their ideas and opinions and rarely welcome suggestions from others around. They prefer to be the pioneer and do things in their own way rather than following others standing around.

Creativity of the Aries People

Aries people always try to explore ways to do something special after their interest. Creative Aries have an extremely hard time to cope with dull and repetitive tasks. They are never stereotypes. They always go for artistic tasks.

Aries Negative Traits


Aries people have deep concern for self-advancement when winning peeps around. If they say they will do it means they will stick to it till the last. They are ready to put extra efforts into work and pull and push their reserved energy to accomplish their tasks. They at times remain insensitive to the emotions of others as they feel too overconfident within.

Attention Seeking Aries Men

Aries individuals always demand attention. They get easily irritated when they don't have it. They always want to be at the center of attraction all the while. They always want to do so by toppling others and complete tasks quite efficiently before time. They can face every hurdle all alone. They use skills and enthusiasm to be the ultimate winner in every situation of life. But sometimes personal relationships get ignored and as an obvious result work-life balance is badly affected.

Outbursts of Anger

Aries people are sometimes short-tempered to irritate others. The great problem behind is that Aries people don't know how to deal with rage. They are angry when things don't take place in the way they want or if someone finds fault with their work.

Lack of Patience

Patience is rare to Aries people. The natives want everything right at the very moment. They are not able to keep quiet and wait for the ensuing results. They easily get bored with monotonous things and quickly switch over to others leaving them unfinished. They never sit and analyze the shortcomings to succeed. They are ready to execute an alternative plan without wasting a moment.

Impulsive Behavior

Arians possess impulsiveness. They have a tendency to make quick decisions without wasting time to analyze it. They soon brood over that it wasn't the best option. Most of the times they don't take into account different aspects of a matter. They always try to march ahead without paying heed to others opinions.

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