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Hi all. I would definitely recommend this website to everyone. I have used their remedial consultancy report thrice and it has solved my problems every time. I strongly believe in the way their work and look forward to order another report sometime sooner!

Kirti Bhatt, nurse, Tamil Nadu

I must say that the remedies that is suggested by the astrologer of in the remedial report actually work! It worked for me like miracle. After I performed the japa suggested by them, I got a great job in a foreign country in a couple of months.

Paritosh Dagar, CA, London

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The Schedule For Remedies Report is a special report in which our astrologer studies your horoscope, analyzes the transit, panchang and festivals and finds out the best date for each remedy suggested to you. The remedies done on specific dates brings in a synergistic effect and increases the total effects of the remedy done. This brings in quicker results and better future.

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This report is manually prepared by Askganesha Astrologer and is sent to you on your email id.

Find out the most auspicious day, time or date for your important remedy. Get the best results of the mantra, yantra, puja, donations etc.

We will try our level best to answer your queries & provide you the best astrological guidance.

Any query related to the report with in 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cost.

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Read Customer Reviews

I and my husband were stuck in our life and marriage just stopped working. Before we think to separate, I thought to give it a last try and searched the solution to our dry relation by the remedial consultancy report. The remedies really liven the spark missing between us.

Kinjal Kher, teacher, Gujarat

Ever since I grew up, my marriage became an inevitable issue. My parents tried hard to get me married but all their efforts were in vain, they could not find a suitable match. They then ordered the remedial consultancy report which suggested a fast to be observed by me along with some mantra that really worked and I got married in 6 months.

Shefali Malik, housewife, Dubai

I was told about this website by my friend with whom I shared my problems. After getting my remedial consultancy report, I religiously followed the remedies told by them and before I can wait for the miracle to happen, my problems were blown away.

Nitin Tomar, Engineer, Delhi


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