Lord Shiva Puja

About Lord Shiva Puja

Lord Shiva is one of the Gods in the trinity or trimurthi of the Hindu Gods apart from Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. He is more widely called as Mahadeva.

Lord Shiva is the destroyer. Shiva is the destructive form of the Almighty. Lord Shiva maintains the life cycle. Lord Shiva is considered to be God of all hence the name Mahadev. He contains both good and evil. Lord Shiva is easy to please and hence is also called as Bhole Nath. He protects his devotees from all evil.

Devotees perform the lord Shiva puja and pray for his blessings. Lord Shiva puja is also conducted on special days such as on Maha Shivratri and Pradosh day.

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We did the puja on Shivratri and it is true that Bhole Nath blesses all those who love and worship him. He is the Deva of Devas, he is the Mahadeva. I even kept fast and did the puja with the rituals. We got the desired fruit. Har Har Mahadeva!!!

By Ajinka Yadav, Store Manager, Sri Lanka

I m a devotee of Lord Shiva also. He has always helped me in my bad times. This time I did his Puja along with all the strict rules and a pundit. I did got what I wished for and that is his blessings for me and my family.

By Kunal Sharma, IT, Scotland

I trust none other than Shiva. He is the creator of all and he is the one protects us. When I was going through tough time, I consulted Askganesha.com who advised me to worship Shivaling and Also the Puja. I ordered it on Askganesha.com itself and they performed it with best purohit and all the rituals. I am rid of all evils now.

By Kuresh bannerjee, Businessman, odissa

It was around the time around Shivaratri and my life was a mess. My professional life was in problem. I decided to do Puja of Lord Shiva. I ordered it online on Askganesha.com. They made sure of well-versed Purohit and other things. They did the Puja on Shivaratri and as expected I was free of all the problems soon.

By Lavang Mittal, Model, Mumbai

I read about Lord Shiva Puja online on Askganesha.com and read about Mahadev. I am a big bhakt of mahadev myself. I thought of performing this puja through Askganesha.com who takes money to perform this puja on behalf of others. I m a firm believer and the results were very good.

By Suresh Aggarwal, Associate Director, Gurgaon

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