Travel Predictions

Complete Travel Astrology Predictions, Readings and manually prepared Reports with Remedies based on Indian Vedic Astrology Horoscopes and Charts

Personalized Services

Ask A Question on Travel / Journey

Get astrological answers to your question related to travel, settlement abroad, visas etc. Questions like: When will I go abroad? are also answered. Ask A Question is highly reliable astrology system. Along with the answers you would also get remedies related to your query.

Travel Report

This special report on travel will help you to know prospects of your horoscope in regards to travel to a foreign land. Get to know all about the favorable periods, visa, benefits during travel etc.

Gem Consultancy

Know the best gemstone to improve prospects of getting visa and to improve chances of travel abroad. Modify planetary effects by the use of most suited gemstone particularly for you. Ask expert astrologer for a best gemstone.

Mahurat Report

Auspicious time plays an important role in destiny. Get the planetary positions in your favor. Get to know the auspicious time for applying visa, move out for travel, start of journey etc.

Remedial Consultancy

Our expert astrologer will suggest unique Astrological remedies to solve any obstacles in your travel/travel plans. With the help of Remedial consultancy Report get to know effective Vedic remedies for solving all kinds of troubles and tensions, without inflicting harm on anybody. Find out the best astrology remedies as per your horoscope.

Life Report

Get the correct analysis of your horoscope in regards to major aspcts of life such as love, marriage, career, finance, travel, health, child birth, property, vehicle, education, etc. the complete life report will help as a guide through this path of life. You will also be suggested effective remedies which will help you to make the things better.

Suggested Yantra

Recommended Energized Yantras for Travel.

1) Get the Kuber Yantra

2) Ganesh Yantra

3) Shee Yantra..

Mantras benefited for Travelling

While travelling any where, you opt for the Hanuman mantra. It is beneficial for your travel, and removal of any kind of misfortune. The other mantra for travel that you can opt is: Ganesha Mantra

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