Feed A Cow

The cow has a special place in Hindu religion and it is believed that all Gods reside in her body. Feeding a cow with green fodder is considered one of the Maha Daan, that is powerful enough to remove all the Grah Doshas or the troubles arising from the malefic effects of the planets.

Benefits of Feed A Cow:
  • Feeding the cow multiplies positivity which prevails in thoughts and life.
  • It brings content, peace, prosperity and harmony in life.
  • It strengthens the weak planets in the horoscope, that are causing the disturbance in the life of the native.
  • The sense of satisfaction attained by feeding a cow makes a person mentally stable and strong.
  • Feeding cow removes all the hurdles from path of success.


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About Feed A Cows

The Cow in Hinduism is considered very holy and important and as a symbol of Earthand it is acknowledged as a mother as she feeds animals with her milk. In fact Cows in Hinduism, Buddhism and many more communities are believed to be sacred and are worshipped as well. Lord Krishna was very fond of cows. He used to herd the cows and took them for grazing. He was thus, called as Baal Gopal and Govinda which means he is a protector of the cow. It is said that all the God & Goddesses resides in cow's soul and worshipping a cow daily is equal to the worship of 33 cores Hindu Gods.

It is believed that feeding a cow on regular basis, removes all the malefic effects of unfavourably posited planets in horoscope. Besides, it removes all the negativity from one's life. Serving a cow is considered auspicious as she blesses with peace and prosperity to the one who serves her. It is said in the Vedic scriptures that if one faces a cow on the way for an important job, one should rub the back of the cow with love and devotion and it ensures that one achieves success in that work. Touching or caressing a cow pleases her and she removes all the hurdles in life.

Our Vedic scriptures advise serving a cow to succeed in life. We go to temples and worship different Gods. But if one serves the cow daily, one gets the blessings of all the Gods as they all reside in the body of the cow, even touching her tail alone opens the gates for salvation. If a cow is bred in-home, it removes all the Vastu Doshas and Grah Peeda of that house. Similarly, different days and different foods have been assigned to be fed to the cows to pacify or rise any grah. Roti, jaggery, banana, etc are commonly fed to the cow to seek her blessings.

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