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What is the Manglik Dosha

Mangal dosha or kuja dosha is referred to the placement of the planet in the Ascendant (lagna), 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in the birth chart (Natal chart) or horoscope is called as Manglik dosh and the person is called Manglik.

As per Hindu/Vedic Astrology mangal dosha is strongest when the planet Mars is either in the seventh or the eighth house.

The most likely troubles and problems associated with Manglik dosh are disharmony and disputes between the husband and wife, absence of desired peace and comfort in domestic life, some permanent disability to the non-manglik spouse, or even untimely or accidental death of the non-manglik spouse , these troubles and problems are mostly speculated, it is always advised to get the horoscope checked in complete and not just rely only on the Manglik dosh.

You can check your horoscope for the presence of Manglik dosh or kuja dosh here.

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According to the rules of Astrology, an able astrologer can tell about the Life, longevity, health, natural tendencies, body, vitality, sorrows, gain, wealth, name, honor, dignity, fame, pleasures and sickness of the native. If the ascendant is afflicted with malefic planets, there will be injury or any other affliction to Head, face, brain, nerves, facial bones, upper jaw and pituitary glands.

The Ascendant has a vital importance in Vedic Astrology. In Western Astrology, more attention is given to Sun and Sun sign while in traditional Astrology, Moon, Moon Sign and Ascendant play an important role in analyzing the future and other things concerned to the native

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Many pandits told my parents that I m a manglik since my childhood and it will stay in my horoscope for a long time. Because of this, my marriage became an impossibility and created a lot of stress on me. I approached via an advertisement and contacted the astrologer to discuss my manglik dosha. He told me the exact time till the mangal will stay in my horoscope and when I can get married.

By Anjum sahin (Hindi professor)

I never believed in horoscopes and always thought that this online astrology website is a way of making new business sources. My sister is a firm believer and she was not able to get married because she was a manglik. For me it was non sense. She went to this website which clearly made her realise the meaning off manglik dosha and also you can enjoy a happy married life even if you are a long life manglik.

By Subhrojeet (student) is a good and reasonable website if you want to know about horoscope and wants to get suggestion for your problems. I took advise on presence of mangal in my horoscope and got pretty good advice.

By Inder Kumar

I went to many astrologers but most of them were very expensive and infact rude, they did not give much time. But the astrologer of this website is very calm and composed. Their paid services are within the reach of a common man and they provide personalised reports.

By Shweta (engineer)

Everything happens because it is all written in the stars and a man cannot get anything before time. I have visited this website many times and everytime I got impressed at their accuracy of report. Keep up the good work.

By Lavang Arora (businessman)

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