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According to Indian or Vedic Astrology, when the planet Mars is placed in certain houses of the horoscope of an individual, it casts malefic influence on various aspects of life of that particular individual. An individual having such an afflicted Mars status is known as a Manglik. This condition is also called the Kuja Dosha or the Bhauma Dosha. Mars or Mangal is also knows as Bhauma . Even Western Astrology also recognizes the ill effects of Planet Mars afflictions in married life of an individual.

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A Manglik can be a man or a woman. Although this is a condition that causes great amount of emotional distress for both man and woman. In case of women it is more stressful as it creates hurdles in their marriage and getting a suitable match for them.

There are only 12 houses in a Horoscope and placement of Mars in 5 of these houses makes one a Manglik. This in turn means that almost 42% of the population is likely to be Mangliks..

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