Energised Incense Sticks

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My career was suffering a lot due to my under confident issues. Personally it has helped me overcome my fears and gain self-confidence. I feel more confident at my workplace and I can easily concentrate now. Energised incense sticks are very powerful and effective. It lightens up the mood. On other websites, these are available at a very higher rate but at Askganesha.com, these are available at unbelievably low prices. My career is raging high now.

By Kriti Sarabhai, HR consultant, Ahmedabad

My married life seemed to be digged up lower than 10 feet. Me and wife both felt non attractive towards each other and there was a lack of romance in our relationship. I have used incense sticks earlier as well and the moment you light up an incense stick, it freshens up the mood. But energised sticks of askganesha.com is much much better. I started using it and the aura of my home simultaneously got better. Not just me but my wife also felt the change. It kind of brought the energy of love and romance in to our home. It's like the love and romance have sparked up again in my life.

By Taran Aggarwal, CA, Singapore

Energised Incense Sticks

Energised Incense Sticks works as a Remedy

The incense sticks have been used since vedic times and are one of the most followed vedic remedies and is used in all cultures. These incense sticks are specially energized for potentiating your prayers and fulfillment of your desires. Energised Incense sticks act as a spiritual healer and helps in reducing obstacles and hindrances in one's life. Energised incense Sticks possess the ability to purify the aura and environment. It potentiates one's prayers and brings in a synergistic effect.

The Energised Incense sticks also bring in sense of calmness and well-being. It harmonizes the environment works wonders by overcoming the negative aura and changing it to positive aura. These when used with yantra increase the effects many folds.

If one is having problems related to marriage, career, finance, health, travel, child birth, etc the regular use of these Energised Incense sticks benefits a lot. These also help in reducing the negatives of Vastu dosh.

Way of using incense sticks

The Energized Incense sticks are very easy to use. A match stick can be used to ignite the incense stick and a sweet fragrance with the positive effects of the mantras will start to fill your room in few seconds. Incense Sticks can be used in a room or temple.

Benefits of using Incense Sticks

The benefits of burning energised incense sticks are innumerable. The Energised Incense sticks help reduce the negatives and increase the positive effects of the planets. These potentiate the effects of the prayers and act as a daily homam also. These also help in reducing the negatives of Vastu dosh if any. It also helps in enhancing concentration, restoring innovation, inspire creativity, uplift self-confidence, prevents infections, relieves headaches, fights depression, builds immune system etc. It is also a great stress buster. You can use the Energised Incense sticks for resolving of any problem or even for potentiating your success and endeavours.

How Energise Incense Sticks are made

We get the Incense Sticks energised by the Pundit with the proper mantra recitation and puja. These Energised Incense sticks are custom made as per the problem one is facing or the desire one has. Our Purohit Ji will energise the Incense Stick by using the 'Beej' or special mantra of the deity. The Energised Incense stick will symbolize the blessing of the deity and help relieve the problems and also help in overall upliftment.

Read Customer Reviews

I got it as a gift from my friends from India. when he bought it, he told me that I would get rid of all the problems with the use of it. I was facing financial problems from a lot of time. I can't believe the magical powers that it contains. I have never used anything like this though I've heard a lot about the energy of these. He told me that he ordered it from Askganesha.com. It brought an aura of positive energy in my place and I always smiled whenever I stepped in to my home. The energy it created seem to take away my problems for real. I got a good job and my financial problems are almost over. I have ordered another pack of sticks from the same website, it is indeed very effective.

By Julia Revina, Closet organiser, Russia

I have been dealing with my business issues and the lack of profits. I saw many astrologers and did almost everything possible. But the problem was intense and business just stopped working. I became even more depressed. My frnd told me about this website, I tried its incense sticks that are energised using the yantras. It is not just to say but it is extremely effective. I put it in my work area and it filled the atmosphere with positive energy, I could think better and came up with creative ideas to grow my business. With the help of incense stick, I am doing better in my business

By Manoj Jain, Businessman, Kerala

I was going deep in to depression and life was only getting darker for me. I tried to meditate but it didn't help either. I went to Askganesha.com website and I read about Incense sticks and its benefits, I didn't give it a second thought and bought it online. I started using it and within 2 days, I started feeling good. I could meditate now and I feel better about myself too.

By Aman Chopra, Engineer, Hyderabad

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