Libra Horoscope

(September 23rd to October 22nd)


Libra Zodiac sign starts from September 23rd to October 22nd each calendar year. It is also followed that the effects of Libra Zodiac sign takes around 6-7 days to come into its full effects.

Libra the Scales, is referred to in Sanskrit as Tula. Its Type is Air. It is Cardinal and Positive.

Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac. The sign says of balance and fairness. It restores equilibrium in all affairs, big or small. The energy of the sign settles every conflict quite peacefully.

How to recognize Libra?

Libra individuals focus more on partnerships. They give importance to the needs of others. They hate to become rude. Large crowds worry them but loneliness is not admirable too. They always go for harmony, love, gentleness and peace. Good mediators they can easily going for healthy arguments.

Things must move smoothly what they care for. Calm, perfectly balanced, sweet, individuals they all are, hence, they never go for a hurry. The Librans drain energy to a great extent as they dip delve into thoughtful matters. The moment they have to face stressful situations they lack energy and succumb to depression.

Libra Nature

Libra natives go for good taste, harmony, elegance. They always want to be fair in all dealings and actions. Carefully they try to analyze every pros and cons before going for a decision. They are friendly, social, and romantic. One can easily make friend with them as they are exceedingly popular at the social circles. They hate to be alone and find friends quite easily with the aid of keen intellect.

Librans can opt for partnerships and easily feel the needs of others. They know what to do in the right time and what not. They care for justice, honesty, and everything fair. Logic is the ultimate weapon they can have trust on.

The Libra energy makes the natives too to make friends with. On the opposite side they may be indecisive, manipulative and prone to delusions. People are easily attracted to them as they are very beautiful both in look and manners. As obvious results they can be within the limelight every time and may be the apple of everyone’s eye. They hate to see others unhappy always seek amity around. They put more effort to maintain equilibrium and happiness around them.

Libra Ruling Planet: Venus

Venus being the ruling planet showers grace on the Libra people. Venus adds charm to everything the Librans touch. Grace, charm, and beauty are the real assets of these natives. They may be sparkling lovers but on the other hand they are sometimes reserved, docile and possessive.

Ruling House of Relationships

The 7th hose influences romantic relationships. But this can refer to other working relationships too. The Librans have the ability to understand the partner’s needs and feelings. Hence they are extremely lovable persons.

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Habits of Librans

The Librans often squander money. They spend money to buy things after their choice. They try to be the pivotal character among their circle hence they spend a lot. They are never ready to utter the word no; everyone loves them for this reason. The Librans have a tendency to fall in love quite easily because they are very sensitive and passionate. But conflicts are not the things they are fond of. A blunt word can hurt their hearts in a very rapid manner.

Air Element Libra

Libra is an air sign. They are to some extent extrovert and friendly. They always go for balancing both sides good or bad. They are eager to attain love, peace, harmony all the while. They want the world to be a place of mirth and absolute peace. Charming and intelligent, they are always open-hearted. They want to be amid people who have all such qualities


The people under the sign Libra are creative and artists by all means. They have an inclination to be associated to everything aesthetic and beautiful. Be it a painting, a piece of furniture, a poem or a man or woman, they have the strong power to smell what is good and what not.

Libra and Weaknesses

The Libra people are governed by Venus. This leads them to be compassionate. Sometimes people can take advantage of this. Libras avoid conflicts at any cost. It leads them to hazards most of the time. The self-sacrificing nature is great for their dear ones but Libras sometimes are burnt out of loathing too. It is the toxic positivity that may take a major toll on their confidence. As a result they become helpless.

The desire to avoid conflict can also lead Librans to utter shock sometimes. . They are highly perceptive to others emotions, even the unknown ones. So if they detect enmity or frustration, their natural trend is to shut them down or to appease others to avoid a fight. Libras are great repressors; push their own feelings to take care of someone else. This leads to severe explosions when they fail to hold it within anymore.

Libra Traits


The Librans are good actors and never like to be alone. They always want to be surrounded with people and try to make friends with others quite easily. This Zodiac sign believes that if two people can live together, they can use good result either at home or at their place of work. They can do good to others and have deep faith on justice. Artfully thy can avoid any conflict and know quite well how to evade all sorts of unpleasant moments.


Dominant Librans

It must be admitted that Libras are undoubtedly open-hearted, fair in love and war. But they sometimes tend to be dominant. It is the situation that makes them so. Otherwise they try to remain cool all the while. This attitude of remaining cool too seem vicious to them. People around them take the opportunity and pounce on them out of sheer grudge. Librans can tolerate everything but they fail to accept duplicity and roughness.

Librans are Attention Seekers

Librans crave for attention and they are upset when they are ignored. Being prone to take extreme measures just to be the centre of attraction, they get hurt every now and then. When a Libra native really needs help, others think it is just a trick to gain attention.

Trouble Makers

Librans can smell trouble quite easily. They won't tell anyone when the moment may come. The reason behind is that they themselves are trouble makers. They are the ones, once hurt in some way or another, they are sure to react.

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