Libra Woman Horoscope

Libra Woman Horoscope

Libra Women believes in equality and have a pleasing personality, however she is of a dual personality at times. She is social and can make friends easily and have a charismatic nature which draws others attention and Libra woman is consider to be adorable. She believes in living life with balance and equality in everything.

Libra woman is a devoted lover and looks for a partner who understands her well. She looks for a perfect and equal partnership and a long lasting relationship, but they take long time to decide about their perfect partner. She is not dominating at all in relationships.

A Libra woman is a keen learner so she can handle any kind of work and career with her intelligence and knowledge. She is a good team leader as she has very good leadership skills. Libra woman never does any kind of injustice to any of her colleague or subordinate as she believes in equality for everyone. She is very helpful and supportive and cooperative among her colleagues.

Libra woman lives and luxurious life and likes to spend money a lot, she loves to pamper herself so most of her money goes to either buying stuff for herself or may be for her beauty and make up products. But then she has a balancing mind so she keeps some money for the future as well, she knows how to invest her money wisely and for future savings and other important needs.

Libra woman are most compatible with Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces. Air is the element of Libra sun sign. Libra woman’s lucky colours are Green and Blue, their lucky numbers are 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60 and their lucky day is Friday.

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