Libra All About Horoscope

Libra All About Horoscope

Entering the zodiac wheel in the seventh place is the Libra, a sign of pleasant, peace-loving fair individuals. They are all about partnerships and bonding. Librans don’t like to be left alone and do not leave anyone alone. Their life’s purpose is to bring harmony and balance to this world. They are born strategists, crowd moving leaders, and true diplomats. Some famous Librans are Mahatma GandhiAlfred NobelAnnie Besant,Catherine Zeta JonesKate Winslet, and Desmond Tutu.

Quite resonant to their personality is their mascot, the Scales, symbolizing their sense of justice fair chance. Librans abhor conflict. They’d study all angles of an argument to bring peace to both sides without violence of any kind..

This is further reinforced by their Cardinal quality which makes people instantly accept them their Librans buddy as their leader. They stand up for society and great causes and are sympathetic to a fault..

Ruled by Venus, people born under Libra zodiac sign have a penchant for all things beautiful and sensually pleasing. They have a refined taste, a quick wit and an effortlessly charming demeanor which makes them home at any party, opera, or theatre. They are uniquely stylish and artistic with a chatty tongue which sometimes leads them to trouble.

Air is known to be the driving force of a Libra mind. This element helps them hold high end intellectual conversations with ease and manipulate people for their personal benefits. Libra people are usually polite and compromising but can sometimes get a bit argumentative too. However, at the very end of the argument, they persuade the other person to come to a cooperative harmonious conclusion.

Libra physical traits include cute dimples and a pleasant smile. They usually have a slender and highly active body, but can at times go towards chubby and plump. Anyways, they manage to look charming and attractive. Blue and green, the colors of soothing embrace are considered best for a Libra native. Any outdoor team sports are a big go-go for Libras. They play fair and keep fun at the highest priority, even more than winning.

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