Leo Horoscope

(July 23rd to August 22nd)


Leo Zodiac sign starts from July 23rd to August 22nd each calendar year. It is also followed that the effects of Leo Zodiac sign takes around 6-7 days to come into its full effects.

In Vedic astrology Leo is called ‘Simha’ (Lion). The type is fixed and positive.

Leo Sun Sign

Leo is the fifth and the central sign of the fiery trio of the zodiac circle. The energy of the sign is expressive flamboyant and expresses bold leadership, daring attitude, and adventurous endeavors.

Recognizing Leo Natives

The natives under this sign are born leaders and fascinate others with easily. They feel that they are king of all they survey. They are absolutely dominant, dramatic, self-confident, extrovert. The natives are proud and egocentric, difficult to keep under control. It is their goal or motto to achieve everything by any means. Leo natives may possess loyal and faithful friends as they are warm-hearted. They love their life to the core. They are arrogant and proud often show playfulness at some moments. They seek respect never prefer to be ordered. Under all conditions they want to defend their rights and dignity. They always want to influence others. But on the other hand they are very generous and open hearted.

Leo Nature

Leo natives want to establish firm goal or foundation before starting any projects. They are s enthusiastic that they are always ignited with unique ideas; unique and real. They are too honest to win everyone’s trust. They always fix their aim, do everything plan wise set up targets, and finally come with flying colors. They take everything with perfect precision and planning. They are good organizers, entertainers and good story tellers.

They are warm-hearted with great strength of mind and boldness. They face all adversities in life boldly and always remain he winner. They do not prefer to seek help from others, instead eager to be the helper.

They can never be wooed quite easily. They can be lovers but never cheaters. They may fall in love and get involved but they are always very loyal to their lovers. Sometimes they seem to be dramatic and overbearing but these qualities can never blur their qualities. They are always open-hearted while offering things to others. They may feel hard outwardly but their inner nature I very soft and full with the vibes of forgiveness and sympathy.

They are ambitious, dominant, courageous, positive, self-confident, and having the power of self control. They have no doubts in the corners of their minds. They are always positive and optimistic though sometimes they may be enraged when their goal is not properly reached. Born leaders as they are, they have enough leadership qualities to support or revolt against the tradition. They never are stereotypes and always want to something new.

Dogmas can never make their way blocked. They tend to give their best and work efficiently when they are in the position of command. They have so charismatic that their personal attraction brings out the best of loyalty from all sorts of subordinates. They know well when and where to use the energy and creativity to get the most cherished things. Their will, creativity and energy help them to succeed all the way.

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Leo Ruling Planet: The Sun

The Sun being their significator is always in the search of powerful life force from humans around them. Sun represents energy and determination. The energy of sun instills within them the fiery energy that offers brilliance. Their personality helps them to be noticed at all times and suck attention. They have such a large personality that helps to make self-image. On the dark side, the energy of sun makes them, self-assured and zestful for life.

Fifth Ruling House for Pleasure and Kids

The house makes them warm-hearted. They are full of energy and playful. The 5th house is all about creativity, and expression. The house also showers grace on their romantic life and the essence of love is very important for them.

The house is related to children. This childlike simplicity is manifested when they are surrounded by little ones. As the 5th house is the house of romantic love, it can fill the mind with romantic mirth all the while. Again it is the 5th house that fill the minds of the natives with glee where ever they.

Habits of Leo People

Being big hearts, they are very generous too. They are too careful and protective of their dear and near ones. They are ready to help them in need.

Leo Element: Fire

It is the second fiery sign.The fiery element makes them good performers and born leaders. They have an earnest desire to be in the spotlight all the way. But the bossy demeanor makes them sometimes people of disagreement. They are good to motivate others.

Leo Strengths

They are natural and creative leaders. They can always be the source of inspiration of others. Though bossy and adamant, they have a heart full of love and affection. They are packed with enthusiasm and determination to reach the apex. They can have good friends, and partners. They are hard workers; sincere, ambitious, and determined. That’s why they can be examples for others.

Leo Weaknesses

They can be intolerant, dogmatic at times. They do not hesitate to follow cunning ways, tell lies, and pick up trickery to outnumber their rivals. They are extravagant and money often can slip between fingers. Self-centered; they have their things done their own way. They can’t tolerate criticism and often react. They have many negative like being domineering and stubborn.

Leo Traits

Leo is a by default a leader of the Zodiac. The natives are intelligent, bold, warm, and courageous. They are adventurers, seeking to balance social obligations and self respect.

Leo Positive Traits

Caring and Aspire Vibrant Life

Leo people have big circle of friends. They care and nurture them and are generous with them. They are courageous and strong with enough protective attitudes towards friends and others. They fight against all the obstacles to get their cherished things.

Optimistic Leo

Leo being optimist is able to see the bright sides of things in life. They always see the positive side of a situation they face.

Leos are Popular Leaders

They are natural leader and always want to be at the top and within the spotlight. They love to be superheroes or queen bees. They work hard to be at the center of everything.

Leos are kind and protective

Leo people always want to help close and dear ones in need. They always care for the happiness of their near ones. They have compassionate hearts and they are kind and generous.


They are very loyal to their friends and close ones.


They are very honest and straightforward. They always give honest feedbacks. Being straightforward they will never tell lies to impress others.

Attention Seeking

Leo natives are dramatic. They love to be at the center stage amid the spotlight. They are great entertainers too..

Leo Negative Traits


Their dominance and confidence create arrogance. t. They may be self-centered and think they are the best.

Laziness Shadows

Though Leo people are full of ambition and enthusiasm, they are lazy.

Dogmatic and Prideful Leo

Leos are born proud of glory. They fall prey to idea or beliefs. They sometimes never admit their mistakes.

They are domineering

Leos don’t know when to stop ruling and start paying heed to others. Hence they are extremely domineering and are ready to overpower those around them.

Jealous and Competitive Leo

They always want to be the best in all respect. They never can tolerate defeat. They simply hate it. Sometimes they can be jealous and competitive. For this they won't hesitate to tell lies, take help of trickery with the intention to discredit the opponents.

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