Leo All About Horoscope

Leo All About Horoscope

The fifth zodiac sign is the Leo, known for their impressive persona and magnetism. They are hard to miss, rulers of the center stage individuals who adore limelight. They are immensely talented and have flair for all things dramatic. No wonder why most of them make it big in the entertainment industry or in top leader ship positions. Neil ArmstrongAlfred HitchcockArnold SchwarzeneggerBen AffleckBill ClintonHenry Ford are just few famous Leos.

They are symbolized appropriately by the Lion, the king of the jungle, since these people consider themselves the center and ruler of their universe. Like Lions, Leos are dignified, strong and powerful. They are natural leaders who like to see things done.

The Fixed quality associated with this sign makes them opinionated and a bit rigid in their ways. They are, however, organized, idealistic and naturally inspiring.

The ruling planet for Leo is the Sun, which makes them feel indispensable to the world. They have a zest for life with boundless enthusiasm, warmth and strong determination to succeed. At times, Leos act bossy and vain, but this all comes from their sense of pride, dignity, and honor.

Constantly fueled by their Fire element, people born under Leo sun sign are hot, dynamic, and courageous. They are extremely passionate about their way of living and strive to lead a comfortable life filled with all kinds of sensual pleasures and luxury. They are great hosts to their guests who Leos love to entertain and enjoy a great laughter. Leo people also love spending money and are often found trying their luck at poker tables.

They also enjoy outdoor games where they almost invariably standout for either their skills or their charisma.

Physically, these Lions are very attractive with a strong body; broad shoulders, clear features and striking eyes. They have graceful and poised gait that outlines their nobility and class. They, however, have a fetish for bright and shiny things.

Consequently, a Leo's favorite colors tend to be gold, orange, and red.

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