Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Astrology Prediction for August 2022

Leo August 2022 Monthly HOROSCOPE

August 2022

General The Leo sun sign natives may feel highly dejected and dissatisfied with how their life is proceeding. Dear Lions, don’t be sad due to these temporary circumstances, your past karma will protect you from the bad effects of Rahu in your horoscope. Hold on, better times are ahead.

Career You may try to give up responsibility as you feel that you are unable to cope up with the problems that situations at workplace are bringing up for you. You may acquire the feeling that things are not going to be easy for you but work harder, success is waiting for you. You are likely to hear good news regarding your education after the first half of the month

Business/ finance Being unable to reach a common decision may be a source of argument among you and your business partner. Avoid making decision in the first week of the month, you will only find yourself arguing. Avoid making any fixed asset investments in the first half of the month.

Romance/ relationship Ups and downs in your relationship due to fluctuations of your mood are forecasted for the month of august. Make it your priority to hear what others want to say rather than leaving after you have made your point. Try to spend some more time with your cousins and friends as they bring light heartedness in your life.

Health Health is predicted to be good. Sleeplessness and insomnia can hit underlying your overstressed self during the first half of the month.

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