Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Astrology Prediction for May 2024

Leo May 2024 Monthly HOROSCOPE

May 2024

General Do not open up with strangers and getting over-friendly will be harmful for you. You are a leader, but leading in class or office will not be beneficial to you. Stay low profile in the initial week of this month. You must work on your mental peace by engaging in charity and religious practice.

Career This month is going to be reasonably fine for employees since the target will be accomplished by them. Your efforts will be recognized and so will be your unparalleled input. Do not expect miraculous results this month. Leo associated with the fashion industry will achieve fame.

Business/Finance Hardships in business are evident and so will be in returns. This month's payment recovery will not be easy and Stars foresees stuck payments affecting routine business operations. Sales of the business are likely to get affected, thereby leading reduction in returns. This isn’t going to last for long.

Romance/Relationship If you do not want to end your relationship, say yes to your partner even if you do not agree with him/ her. Sustainability will be missed from your relationship this month. Silence is the key and matters in the court seeking divorce will have more delays in verdicts. An extramarital affair is on the chart for Leo males.

Health Past or childhood injuries may strike back with pain. You must take care of the health of muscles and bones. Those having acidic issues may not rest in relief this month until they change their eating habits. Stars suggest intense changes in eating habits.

Sunsign Horoscope (Tuesday May 21st, 2024)

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