Leo Child Horoscope

Leo Child Horoscope

Leo Child is a happy child, loves to play and quite a lovable child and a very positive child. Yet the child is attention seeker as well, always seeks everybody's attention around him and will do anything to grab that attention. If we as a parent disapprove or ciritisize the Leo child then he may become stubborn and disobedient at times. Loyalty, enthusiasm and generosity are few of the personality traits of the Leo child, yet he is proudy too.

The Leo child is dominating in the peer group and yes ofcourse a Leader as well. As a parent you need to teach them about sharing among friends and others, so that this habit will inculcate in the Leo child. Leo child is full of energy and loves to be in sports, and its a good way to show the capabilities of Leo child.

If we talk about health, there may be some issues regarding digestion so parents be careful and focus only on balanced and healty diet avoid food from outside. Studies can create some kind of stress so make sure the Leo child is able to make balance in studies and other activities and keep the stress at bay. Also keep an eye on the eye problems and general immunity related problems.

The Leo child has an excellent mind towards academics but yes interested in sports too. The child is determined and does put all the sincere efforts towards the education and studies and will give you good results in the exams. Apart from studies do take of the creative and sporty mind the Leo child poses.

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