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Life Report


At the time of birth the position of the planets in zodiac form the horoscope of the new born. This special position of planets in the zodiac has influence over the destiny of the person. The astrology chart formed can be used by the astrologer to study the events of life which are to come in the person s life. These events are kind of education, kind of profession, ups and down in career, all about marriage and married life, number of children etc. You can get to know all about the life events through the life report Get manually prepared Life Astrology Predictions Now.......

Previous Birth


At times it becomes unexplainable why the things are not as they should be and why the life is not going as planned. It is most likely that you are suffering in life due to the past karmas of your prvious birth. Find out the effects of the past life karmas and the remedies to overcome them to get the things straight in this life Find out how karmas done in past lives are affecting your present and future....

Year Ahead


Our Year Ahead report will cover each and every sphere of your life and discuss your love/married life, career and financial prospects, health, travel, purchase of property/vehicles, loans, litigations and all other topics you want to emphasize Get a Year Ahead Report that would help you to know what is going for you in next one full year from now.



All you wanted to know about marriage and married life is covered in this one complete Marriage report. This report would guide you on the right time for marriage, the kind of spouse, all about married life and children. You can know more about it and much more Get a Marriage Astrology Report..



Find out all about your love and romance life in the clear Romance report. This report would provide you an in-depth analysis of how you and your partner would get along, your personality matching and the ups and downs in the romantic life. More information on the romance report can be got from here Get predictions on love and romance from astrologer NOW...



The Career horoscope report prepared by our astrologer for you would give you the insight to the effects of the planetary positions in your horoscope. It would give you a complete picture of the future to expect. The report would describe the strength of the planets the effects of the dasha periods, the rise in career, better time for changes in job or profession, times when you can expect instant gratifications, etc Get a complete report based on career (job/profession)



It is the deep desire of a every businessman to achieve the heights and become successful in his business. Now days even women are nowhere behind and continue to put efforts in their own business rather than working for someone else. At times even putting the strongest efforts the desired profits may not be achieved. Go Get a business report as this would help you to identify the strength and weakness of your horoscope and also remedial measures to improve the business..



The money and finance part of your life is determined by the placement and effects of planets on the 2nd house, 7th house, 10th house and the 11th house the losses are from the 6th, 8th and the 12th house. Find out the effects of the planets in your horoscope in regards to wealth, finance and money. Know the good and the bad periods. Find out the best report on wealth, finances for you with effective remedies.



For your horoscope analysis in relation to questions on travel, Visa, settlement abroad you should go for the Travel Report. This report would help you know the favorable time in which you can travel. If you have questions related to settlement on a foreign land, PR or even on Citizenship this report would help you clear all. Order for a Travel Astrology Report.

Health Report


The health report is a report made to help you understand the health patterns which are going to be there in your life. The ups and down period of health, the time of wellness and the things to look out for would also be mentioned. Find out what your body is prone to and the preventive measures to keep them in check. All about your health in manually prepared Report.



Speculations or chances of gain by taking big risk in the expectation gains is the desire of those who are seeking to make more money in shorter time. Earning through speculations is not wrong but going overboard and not taking precautionary measures and not keeping a control is not good. This could lead to misery and poverty. Find out how the planets are in your horoscope in regards to speculation



The betterment and the desire of their child to excel is the dream of all concerned parents. The destiny of the child and the things to come in future are to a large extent governed by the stars in the child s horoscope. If you are looking to find out the strength and the weakness of your child then this report would help you get it

Searching for auspicious and lucky name for your new born baby Get Child Name Report



Have questions related child birth or conception or even about the pregnancy period? Then you need to go for this report. The progeny report would help you to find out the effects of the planets in relation to child birth. You can come to know the favourable time for conception and also the best nine months for gestation



Education is the fore most important part of one's life. Everybody wants to get a good education, it is education which is the building block of ones life's career, whether a person would be inclined to mechanical, biological, instrumental, mathematics, physics and astronomy etc is highly governed by the planets



This report is opted by either the person for himself of for their children. The Success report will help you to come to know the strength of the planets in the horoscope and also the best time to get the maximum achievement. The dasha period whether is good or bad would be mentioned in the report



If you want to know the time when you would be able to purchase a property or even a vehicle then this report would certainly come in handy. Even if there is gain of property through inheritance or if there is division in property the questions can be answered with the help of study of the stars



Gambling involves a lot of risk. In the event of gambling a person can lose more than what he/has has earned. This would cause negative effects on the whole life. As gambling is a form of instant gain hence this can be seen from the horoscope and the period of gain can be identified which would help in avoiding risk and a better chance to win in either poker, sweepstakes, card games, lottery, horse racing etc

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