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The progency report provided by is very informative. I had a great time dealing with the astrologer, they are very talented and skilled. With the help of the report, we got informative about when will be the most favourable time to conceive the baby

By Arjun Negi, engineer, Indrapuram

The progency report that I ordered was accurate and in-depth detailing all the key elements of my horoscope and providing information on the right time of planning a baby. It has helped a lot in gaining information about conceiving.

By Alisha Sahay, homemaker, Canada

About Progency Report

Every married couple has a desire to bear children and raise a family. The Progeny Report can provide you the ideal and most favorable time for you to bring up a family. If you are experiencing just about any child related issues, then do not think twice and request your progeny report. Our expert astrologers will provide you our best horoscope assistance.

Our astrologer goes through the horoscope of the husband and wife and the analysis is written down and sent to you in a pdf file format. This report will help you plan the number of kids, will help you to know the right time for conception, if medical help is required is also mentioned, and much more is mentioned in the report.

Our astrologer can easily guide you in the following concerns like:

  • What would be the most effective time for you to conceive?
  • Will the pregnancy period have any malefic influence?
  • Can there be any chance of miscarriage?
  • How many kids am I going to have and so on?

Our astrologer will recommend you helpful measures should you be confronting any kind of delay or miss happenings regarding children. We, at, advise one of a kind astrology solution in fixing all types of Progeny related issues. Our remedies are completely safe and provide the desired benefits. You can completely count on the report prepared by our skilled astrologer.

This report will provide you

  • Your natal horoscope
  • Your personal astrological details
  • Effects of houses associated with Childbirth
  • Combined analysis of the horoscope of you and your spouse
  • Influences of specific planets
  • Assessment of Divisional Chart
  • Strengths and Weak points
  • Special comment on your Progeny matter
  • Periods of conception
  • Timing of children
  • Dasha Table
  • Dasha Evaluation
  • Yantra suggestions and Mantra suggestions
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies
  • Any query related to the report within 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cost.

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Extra Benefits : Free Service worth Rs. 600.00  + Free Delivery (on E-Mail)

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Read Customer Reviews

I have never had an astrology reading before and when I thought of planning a baby, I decided to consult one. I am so lucky that I stumbled upon this website on the first time itself. I enjoyed knowing so much about the transition in my life and I planned accordingly

By Anjumon Sahin, lecturer, Sikkim

The progency report that I ordered from is so amazing, it has assisted me with so many doubts regarding kids. I will recommend this to every new couple who are thinking to have a baby. I am definitely going to them for my second time

By Anjali Verma, HR consultant, Noida

Before we plan a baby, we wanted to consult someone expert. My sister through her experience said that there could be none better than who gives our progency report that can assure healthy pregnancy

By Sushma Jain, teacher, Panipat

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