Cancer Horoscope

(June 21st to July 22nd)


Cancer Zodiac sign starts from June 21st to July 22nd each calendar year. It is also followed that the effects of Cancer Zodiac sign takes around 6-7 days to come into its full effects.

The Vedic name of Cancer is Karka, the Crabs. The Type is Water, Cardinal and Negative. Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is one of the greatest astrological mysteries of the zodiac. It is a feminine sign, an archetype of mother. The sign is strongly connected with feelings and emotions.

How to recognize Cancer natives?

Cancer natives are caring, matriarchal, sensitive and dependent a bit. They, the nurturer of the zodiac circle are tenaciously loyal and loving. They seem hard and insensitive from the very outside but very soft and sensitive within. They usually cry because of their soft heart. Typically, they move one step forward, and two steps back. They live in the past, in their memories and amid imaginations. Cancer natives operate their passing moods to waning and waxing of the Moon.

Cancer Nature

The ruling planet, Moon controls self emotion and makes the natives mysterious. The planet plays with human emotions and is responsible for changing emotions and mood swings every now and then. They possess in-depth sense of the emotions and feelings. As the Ruling House is fourth that denotes Security,

The Cancer natives always want to settle in and seek comfort zones. The house brings back memories of childhood, family, and the ancestors. They have an urge for security and comfort throughout their life. They love to live their comfortable home which acts as a protective shell.


The Cancer natives love to be in the cozy corners all the while. Hence they may be addicted to television shows and web series. As an obvious result they may miss other adventures. They hold frustration and resentment for a much longer time resulting in negative thinking.

The Cancer Element is Water.

They reflect the deep internal human emotions and feelings. They have the ability to pass feelings to people. They intuitively know how to make others secured. They feel the needs of the people around them. Imbalance and conflict are major causes of concern for them.


Cancer natives are loving people. They love security hence take friendship and relationship quite seriously. They are passionate lovers and unconditionally sacrifice their lives for the one they are deeply attached to. They are very loyal to closed ones and do everything for their welfare. They tend to find happiness to share their possessions with closed ones. They have good sense of humor and find humor even in serious situations.


The Cancer natives crave for affection and security so they become overbearing at times. They always are scared of detachment from their closed ones. They don’t bother to go to extreme situations just to get their dear ones’ affection and care. They find difficulties to be oblivious of their past events. They are highly sensitive and emotional. Hence, they may forget everything but if hurt never forgive those who have inflicted pains on them.

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Cancer Native’s Traits

Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac is all about home and hearth. These people are closely attached to their home and family more than anything else in this world. These people are blessed with strong intuitive power and psychic abilities that help them judge people around them well. These people seem to be hard on the outside but they really are very soft inside. Sometimes they come out with a completely different hue. In this moment they seem tough and exceedingly smart.

Cancer Natives’ Positive Traits


Cancer individuals are blessed with the power of imagination that can turn a word into a story within a short period. As an obvious result they, therefore, are called the creative geniuses. They feel extremely happy to share their feelings of love for someone or something quite artistically through creative writings.

Loving and charming

They are very loving and caring. Being the most sensitive sign of the zodiac circle, Cancer does everything out of love. Hence they are the sweetest lovers. They are warm and magical partners when they enjoy good mood. They are funny, passionate, adventurous and indulgent and know very well how to use a good time in a heroic manner.


They possess a wonderful sense of intuition. They know quite well what is stored in the minds of others. It is very difficult to manipulate the natives. Their instinctive ability to sniff the secrets efficiently makes them over-sensitive.

Tender Hearted

Cancer natives shut down their emotional responses when they are hurt. They seem to be emotionally immature at times but possess unique receptive nature. They are overly involved and attached to those who respond to their emotions.

Cancer Natives’ Negative Traits


Cancer individuals are exceedingly moody sometimes, especially whenever they feel jealous. They are normally protective and courageous. They are very brooding and moody if they feel their emotional needs are not met. As a result, they switch moods rapidly.


Ruled by the ever-changing Moon they can suffer from extreme mood swings. They are at times jovial but at the very next time they seem morose. It’s very common for them to struggle with low self-esteem and if once hurt, hold a lifelong grudge against someone they deeply loathe.

Cancer individuals sometimes being over-imaginative, fall in deep trouble. They fall victim to obsessive compulsive disorders. Until they can have the answer of a question, they find solace in obsessions. This obsessive nature inflicts various problems on them and they go on suffering from them. Unpredictable

Intense mood swings, as well as extreme sensitivity lead to mental sufferings of the Cancerians. It doesn't take much for them to shift from friendly and outgoing, to totally introvert just to protect them. It proves quite confusing and they seem unpredictable to the people around them.


The crab is inclined to protect themselves by some means. Hence they always try to hide them in their shell. The Cancer natives are very trustful. One may feel safe within relationships. The natives may plunge into the minds of others and try to explore the inner world of others. One may feel trusted or safe if they come into close acquaintances of these Cancer natives.

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