Cancer Man Horoscope

Cancer Man Horoscope

Cancer man are generally considers to be shy. If someone meet them for the first time they will feel that cancer man are shy and mysterious. They are emotional and happy too. They are firm believer of long term relationship, so if they get the right partner then the relationship is for the lifetime.

They are very affectionate and thoughtful. They are very homely and family is the first priority to them. Cancer man always desire to be loved. They remain in their shell and tender love and care requires them to come out of their shell. When they get the partner they are looking for then they show the burst of emotions they make them happy with gifts and flowers and expressing their love to them. Thus they are very good at pleasing their partners with their warmth and love affection. Generally many of the cancer man are very supportive, kind and very faithful husband. At times you will find them jealous and frequent change in nature because of the moon who is ruling planet of cancer and moon goes through many changes.

Canceraians also wish to get the same reassurance and love from their partner, if they don’t get that then they might get hurt, as they are very emotional. They are very committed and devoted in their relationship, so they expect the same from their partners. They do not choose a very serious relationship unless and until they are not very sure of it.

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