Cancer All About Horoscope

Cancer All About Horoscope

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign and is synonymous to home and roots. They love nurturing and mothering those around them and prize their family history and traditions. Cancerians are peace loving people who consider bringing harmony to the world as their life’s predestined purpose. Some famous people born under this sign are Bimal RoyEdmund Hillary14th Dalai LamaGeorge MichaelJessica Simpson and Nelson Mandela.

Cautious crabs represent the Cancer sun sign. Much like their symbol, Cancer people have a tendency to get crabby, clingy or even dormant if it suits their mood. Yes, they are moody! This “invisible shell” is their second home and tempting them out of it to share their innermost feelings is a herculean task.

Being a Cardinal sign, leadership comes natural to these people. Cancer folks are built with an iron-will and are extremely tenacious. They behave kind and gentle to others to get their work done. But if that doesn't do the trick, they don’t shy away from using emotional manipulation. If still things don’t happen their way, a cancer would retreat in his shell and come out with revenge plan.

The ruling planet of Cancers is the Moon, the God with many faces and moods. Moon makes cancer born sensitive, intuitive and prone to brooding. The Moon, however, helps them connect better with the people around them too. The Cancer element, Water, amplifies their emotional side leading them to range from gentle care to suffocating possessiveness. Prone to hiding their vulnerability, Cancers avoid confrontation. They like to keep their loved ones close and often cling to relationships for their dear life. On a positive note, this makes Cancerians cautious with money.

Cancer physical traits include a round moon-like face with soft features and a pleasant smile. They are usually on the heavier side owing to their love for food and closeness to their mothers.

Physically active, Cancers are always game for team sports. Adventure sports that resonate well with their element like, river rafting, jet ski, water polo, etc. are a thumbs-up!

Moon stands for silver and white, and so do the Cancer colors. Orange, a color that ignites their hunger, is also their favorite.

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