Cancer Horoscope

(June 21st to July 22nd)

Cancer FAQ

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a water sign and stands fourth in the zodiac. They are all about home and their astrological symbol is Crab

Is my zodiac sign Cancer?

People born between June 22 – July 22 are cancerians

Cancer is ruled by which planet?

Moon is the planet that rules Cancer zodiac.

What are the main traits of Cancer?

A Cancerian will stand with you through your thick and thin, they’re known for their loyality and faithful nature. They are tender and loving mates. They’re well balanced, great friends, good at maintaining cordial and amicable nature throughout life. But it’s difficult to predict them, they’re sensitive and clingy.

Which are the compatible signs with Cancer?

Cancer is compatible with two water signs i.e. Pisces and Scorpio and two earth signs i.e. Taurus and Virgo.

What are the alphabets of Cancer?

Alphabets for Cancer sign are Hi, He. Hu, Hoo, Hey, Hay, Ho, Hau, Da, Dha, Di, Dee, Dhe, Du, Doo, Dhu, De, Day, Dha, Do and Dho

The lucky days of Cancer born are?

Sunday and Monday are days lucky for people born under Cancer

The most favored numbers of Cancer?

2, 7 and 9 are lucky numbers for Cancer

Which are the lucky colors of sign Cancer?

Red, Cream, Yellow and White are colours lucky for Cancer

What are the generally recommended stones for Cancer born?

Pearls are the Gems for Cancerians

What is the month and date when sun enters Cancer?

Every June 22, Sun enters Cancer Zodiac according to Indian astrology and July 16 as per Western astrology

When does Sun leave Cancer sign?

Sun leaves cancer in every august 17 ( Vedic Astrology) or July 22 (western Astrology).

Cancer Zodiac sign takes around 6-7 days to come into its full effects.

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