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Vedic Puja Remdies

You can get performed the vedic pujas to get the blessings of the Gods and Goddess. These pujas are done in accordance with the vedic system and have been highly beneficial. The purohits are well versed and do the pujas with devotion. You can get the pujas done to reduce the malefic and increase the benefic effects. Get right puja performed by well versed Purohits.

Planetary Mantras

Remedial Mantras

Vedic mantras bring prosperity and inner peace in your life. Reciting the mantras is the best remedy for all the issues and obstacles in your life. There are many mantras that are available on our website for remedial purpose. You can know about them. Check which mantra is best for you? Get the suggestions from our astrologer.


Energized Yantras

Yantra or "talisman" or " Amulet" are formed by the system given in vedic text. The enegized yantras are multipliers of the cosmic rays as well as the prayers and mantra chants done by the worshiper. By using the yantras the desired wishes are fulfilled much earlier. Try best energized and purified yanta remedies.

Energized Incense Sticks

Energised Incense Sticks

These are very special incense sticks which are prepared by our purohits through mantras, puja and homam. These incense sticks help in increasing the positive effects for the quicker fulfillment of your desires.

Feeding A Cow

Feeding the cow multiplies positivity which prevails in thoughts and life. It brings content, peace, prosperity and harmony in life. It strengthens the weak planets in the horoscope, that are causing the disturbance in the life of the native. Feeding cow removes all the hurdles from path of success.


Gem Consultancy

It has been well seen and observed that the Gemstones are the magnifiers of the effects of the planets in ones horoscope. By wearing the right gemstone for the right planet give the positive effects and increase of positive energy. The Gemstones help in achieving the goals and desires. Still Not wearing a right Gemstone?


Vedic Remedies Report

There are several types of remedies in different forms of Astrology. The best sorted out remedies are the vedic remedies. The vedic remedies have been practised by people from the mythology times and even the kings and rulers used to follow them. These remdies are effective and at the same time do not harm others in any way. Get to know the best vedic remedies as per your horoscope.

Lalkitab 2

Lal Kitab Remedies

Lal kitab or Red Book are the set of 5 books which had been written sometime in the 19th Century. The writer of Lal Kitab is still a dispute as there are various notions about it. The red book or the Lal Kitab is based on Astrology as well as palmistry and mainly constitutes the “uppayas” of more commonly know as the Remedies. These remedies are simple and effective.


Direct Consultation with Astrologer

If you have and questions or queries for which you wish to directly connect with our astrologer then you can do it either over the Phone or through Skype/G Talk. You can also visit our office for face to face consultation with our astrologer Mr. 'ABHISHEK DHAWAN'. Book one for yourself today.

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