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Personalized Remedial Report extend thorough analysis of all the astrological remedies that aids to resolve an individual’s troubles and reassures that he/she will attain the bliss written in their destiny. These remedies unquestionably expel the evil effects of malicious planets encroaching one’s personal, social and professional life.


Puja is an act of worshipping God/Deity incorporating prayers, offerings and sacrifices. Puja is an attempt to please one’s God /Deity with pure mind and pure soul to attain the sacred and divine. Puja usually contains offerings made to the God in form of rituals and ‘havan’ to get rid of evil occurrences in life


Mantra are sanskrit words that create positive energy. They are group of words that possess psychological and spiritual powers. Mantra are capable of influencing human body both spiritually and physically. They influence the one who chants them and also the one who hears them. Mantra were originated in India and are used in compliance with vedic astrology.


Japa is meditative repetition of a mantra or the name of a divine power. Japa has ultimate healing properties and it incorporates mantra as its main element of worshipping. Reiterating holy words yield tranquility to the mind and divinity to the soul. It is said to connect the soul to the divine and thus assist to overcome spiritual darkness.


Yantra is sanskrit word for a mystical diagram or object that assuage to meditation in tantric worship. Yantra is believed to possess supernatural powers in an astrological or magical benefits. When the mind is concentrated on yantra, then all the cognitive nuisance come to a halt.


Each astrological planet corresponds to a particular gem. Gems are stones that yield strength to the weak auspicious planets and further augment the sturdy planets. For astrological purpose, the gem is embedded in the ring/pendent in a way that it touches the skin. Gem has to be worn on a particular day after the due pooja and mantra recitation is done.


Crystals stones are widely used in astrology as they have the mystical power of enhancing the aura of a native. They have particular benefits depending upon the horoscope a person has in Vedic astrology.


According to ancient vedic mythology, Each day of the week is dedicated to a particular god as well as a planet. When an individual observes fasting the negative influence of the malicious planets are bound to come down. Fasting is an effective way of pleasing the planets and their ruling god. fasting is suggested on particular day of a week as per difficulties faced and boosting up the concerned planet. Certain rituals, clothes and mantra are also to be offered on that day.

Our experienced and proficient astrologer would guide you with the suitable astrological remedies as per your horoscope and planets to mend the hindrances coming in your path to attain a happy and blissful life. We recommend potent vedic solutions that are bound to bring out positive results without causing any harm to anyone or to anyone’s life.

This report would contain remedies which are for the next 12 months and some which are for life time

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