Pisces Horoscope

(February 19th to March 20th)


Pisces Zodiac sign starts from February 19th to March 20th each calendar year. It is also followed that the effects of Pisces Zodiac sign takes around 6-7 days to come into its full effects.

Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac circle is called as per Vedic astrology Meena or the Fish. The type of this sign is water, mutable and negative.

It is known from astrology scriptures that the Pieces zodiac sign has quite accumulated different attributes of all the rest 11 Signs. The romantic Sign is known for its charming creativity which is akin to free flowing poetry or to others a fresh floral blossom. Many are of opinion that Pisces zodiac natives are generous and highly compassionate. On the other hand some opine that these people are rigid or fixed.

All about Pisces Zodiac Natives

Well, let’s take about the sign that denotes Pisces. There are two fish cunningly aligned to show that they are swimming on opposite direction. The paradox behind this is that Neptune the ruler of Pisces seems to live in a world of their own. They are detached, spiritual and focused on their inner journeys aiming at two precious things, peace and harmony. Effortlessly riding the waves, without causing slightest agitation, the Pisces natives evade all types of confrontations, all sorts of conflicts. Highly modest and tranquil in their behaviors, they love to have a feeling of security and eternal coziness around them. These natives love their comfort zones and can be wonderful nurturers and parents; caring, loving and loyal.

Pisces are a treat in love, unless they take a negative track. Love is their sole thing and going for it they are often jilted too. Love is to them is nothing but blessed worship. Without brooding over gains in return, they are tolerant, respectful and forgiving. The Pisces, however, can be too timid sometimes in their dealings falling prey to ill-treatment or sheer betrayal.

The Pisces also are steadfast and always target to hit the bull. They don’t want to change their tracks every now and then until they are forced to do so. Sometimes lethargy gets the better of them and they are found to idle away their time in dilly dallying. To the extreme, their negative behavior sometimes is bewildering. They become inert, hedonist, vindictive or be associated with multiple relationships.

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Pisces Nature

Last of the Zodiac Signs, Pisces natives are multi talented. They have the power to adjust to various kinds of environments owing to their extreme flexibility. They can be dual natured, sometimes too dangerous to deal with and sometimes too harmless to extract pity. They can be easily swayed by the wills of others, but deep inside, they have great potential, great power of analyzing every detail minutely in an independent manner.

They are big dreamers. They love to live in their fantasy and can take self exile from reality. They are very charming in their behaviors all the time and always try to plunge into the positive traits of people around them without taking care of the negative ones. This son-of-the-soil attitude makes them very dear to all. They become easily the apple of everyone’s eye. Highly romantic and sensitive, they avoid disputes and conflicts of all kinds.

The obvious outcome is that this inclination to be always modest and lovable makes them disheartened. They are shocked and hurt and writhe in pain. Depression gets the better of them the moment they have to confront with the bitter truths of reality. Persons living in a romantic world, they are too careful to their beloveds. But the outburst of emotion can sometimes make them hostile and they start reacting.

But people who know them well can be unnerved or less bothered, for they know quite well that these Pisces zodiac natives, though show their anger, are by heart good people. Their anger is just a spurt from their originality. They are ultimately very affectionate and compassionate. The Pisces natives are always deeply moved by the agony of the no privileged class and try their level best if something best can be done for them.

Pisces Key Planet: Neptune

Planet Neptune being the deity of the oceans depicts the dissolution of stark reality, as it is believed that the birth of mother earth took place in the womb of the vast ocean. Neptune is known by the halo around it, which makes the natives feel what is real, what is nothing but a mere dream. Neptune also symbolizes the spiritual and the mystical aspect of the natives’ personality. It is about anything that they fail to perceive with senses.

Twelfth House: Endings

The Twelfth House of the Zodiac is believed to symbolize the end of life. But this is not true; it is actually about recycling and transformation. It is all about spirituality, surrender to God, and the efforts to find out the secrets of the world. The natives are likely come to realize their short-comings and try to correct the mistakes they have made so far.

Pisces Element: Water

The Water Sign is a very emotional sign. Just like still waters, the emotions of the natives are sometime deep, sometimes like flowing water, sometimes shallow. Emotions don't remain consistent. As a result the Pisces zodiac natives are prone to mood swings. They are such great dreamers that they can spend their entire life in a world of their own. However, their intuition is so sharp that they can easily relate to other people's thoughts, which is quite unique so to say.

Pisces Strength

The positive traits of Pisces Sign are that the people are imaginative and creative, not egoists. They can adjust to different situations. As a result of being amiable, they can win lot of friends. Besides these unique qualities, they are compassionate, patient, sincere and utterly dedicated.

Pisces Weakness

The Pisces zodiac natives are prone to passiveness and submission. These qualities make them open to exploitation. The other short comings are that they are extremely emotional, sentimental and sometimes very pessimistic. They may also be indecisive, confused, sometimes escapists or reluctant

Pisces Habits

The Pisces-born people can be so disorganized, unsystematic and lacking in discipline that they can have lot of clutter in their minds. To get rid of this, they can fall prey to addictions. This trend disrupts their personal lives. They need to practice yoga and meditation to restore serenity and tranquility in their turbulent minds. Pisces zodiac natives are really lucky persons and many of them make money from inheritance or just windfalls. However, they are not too good to handle cash in an efficient manner.

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