Pisces All About Horoscope

Pisces All About Horoscope

Pisces is the last and twelfth zodiac sign and has a part of characteristics of all other sun signs. Pisces are selfless and spiritual. They are always undergoing an inner journey of their own which makes them highly emotional as well as perceptive. They are dreamers in true sense as they are almost invariably far-sighted folks who in their illusory world can foresee the future. Famous Pisces born personalities are MichelangeloElizabeth TaylorGeorge WashingtonBruce WillisRupert Murdoch, andJon Bon Jovi.

Pisces sun sign is represented by a pair of fishes swimming in opposite direction, depicting their unique personalities which are strong enough to swim against or with the flow and humble enough to not make waves. They are chilled out and very easy going people who don’t mind sacrificing their own work for others’ wishes and at times are taken advantage of. Their Mutable Quality further makes them very flexible to ideas and the duality of fishes helps them see the yin and yang of every issue. This is to say that they are just and unbiased and often the Pisces decisions originate from their intuitive psychic self. These Fish folks are happy and confident and have less regard for how people perceive them. If they are happy with themselves, they don’t care what the world has to say.

The Fishes are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune which brings them unique vibrations and energies. The harmonious combination of these planets makes Pisces spiritually oriented and charitable. If they say, “I know how it feels,” trust them, because even without actually going through the mess, they are able to feel what you are feeling. They are compassionate and always looking forward to making people feel home. In that sense, they are also known as the homemakers of the zodiac. Their unique planetary combination also makes it difficult for Pisces to distinguish real from fantasy and at times more focused on how things should be. This brings them remorse and melancholy. It is obvious for Water to the representative element for this sun sign. Those born under Pisces are hence, emotional and often unpredictable. They frequently feel misunderstood by those around them and cry a lot. However, water also brings them immense creativity, originality, sensitivity and creative talent. Pursuing them is only natural for a Pisces as they consider this solitary practice another inner voyage they love to take often.

The physical traits of Pisces include an average height and delicate built, big dreamy eyes, and a generous calm demeanor. They like to keep a low profile and often lost into their own world. They are chameleons when it comes to appearances and possess a natural affinity for colors like Lilac, Violet, Sea green, etc. Water sports are a great way for Pisces to relax and chill out. They love to swim and are often great swimmers with a variety of tricks up their sleeve.

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