Taurus Horoscope

(April 20th to May 20th)


In Vedic astrology the 2nd sign of the zodiac is Vrishabha, Taurus in English. The sign represents 'Bull'. It is Earth in type and is a fixed Sign so to say.

Taurus Sun Sign

Taurus rules the second house of the zodiac circle representing love for all sorts of worldly pleasures and getting rewards. One of the most tough signs, it is denoted as the anchor of zodiac wheel.

How to Recognize Taurus?

The natives born between April 20 and May 20 belong to Taurus zodiac/sun sign. The natives are smart, aspiring and trustful. Some of the Taureans want to stay relaxed and contented and others are high strung always ready to charge. They are strong enough with a sense of confidence and staunch stability. They prefer single words so long they fail to gauge the person.

They are happy to spend lone times. They get raged if pushed too hard or be teased. They control their anger confidently. The moment they are angry, they can be demolishers. They indulge in the very things they touch, smell or taste. Taurus natives being passionate always go out for pleasures. They can become good friends, colleagues obviously partners. They always value honesty.

Taurus Nature

Taurus harvests delicious fruit by hard work. They are charged with the power of the bull but at the same time, they are soft, patient and highly sophisticated. They are easy-going unless someone provokes or tempts them. They enjoy relaxing in absolute serenity. Being the Earth sign, the access to nature and to enjoy her beauty is very important for them. They always are eager to be surrounded by the radiance of love and to dip into the beauty of nature.

Taurus men and women are determined, simple, conservative, and stable in life. They search for stability in their particular choices and the people close to them. Some around them find them boring and dull. This may be so as they avoid taking the risks that may affect utter stability. They are great long term friends. They are always keen on protecting their closed ones.

Venus the Ruling Planet of Taurus

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus that is associated with love, beauty, attraction, complete satisfaction, creativity and obviously gratitude. The ruling planet gives them a natural charm and instills within the strong desire to maintain harmonious relationships. They are swayed by romance and beauty. They crave for tranquility and always go for the finer things in life. A beautiful painting or any art work draws their appreciation.

It is the effect of Venus. They love simplicity and hate complications and criticisms. They are sensuous and have a keen eye on all finer things. Long-term ties and a happy, stable marriage are always the things after their hearts. They always long for peace and harmony. The energy of Venus develops artistic and cooking talents in them.

Ruling House: Second that Denotes Possession

The second house tells of the possession of worldly material and non-material things. Wealth and human relationships are of great importance to them too. They value the senses and the material things of the world. The house rules income, money and of course self-esteem.

These things are very important for them. The influence of the house teaches you what is important to you. They are highly concerned about luxury, security, luxury, gains and losses and of course financial stability.

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Habits of the Taureans

They can say 'no' to someone easily if s/he fails to make them understand what they want. So sometimes saying no to excellent opportunities slips off from their grips. They fail to keep all things organized. They without a buck in their wallet, go to market to shop after their choice. When stressed, they become somewhat insane. They avoid changes in life in the apprehension lest they should fail.

The Taurus Element: Earth

Having been a fixed earth sign, they are extremely grounded and practical in their approaches. They never escape from the reality of the world and are ready to face obstacles coming on their path. They support the closed ones who seem highly emotional to them. They desire for finer things; delicious dishes and luxurious items. The element strengthens their command for conserving physical security and stability. They are truly self-sufficient.

Strengths of the Taureans

Loyal and reliable people, they do things after taking ample time and act decisively to make the right choice. Quite patient with people around them they have pragmatic outlook on life. They are diligent enough in finishing their tasks quite well.

Weaknesses of Taurus Natives

The most prominent weakness is to be obsessed with the material world, getting involved in love affairs. They don’t like quick changes in life. They would be very harsh when they are unable to complete tasks as per expectations.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Traits

Taurus is one of the most reliable and dependable signs of the zodiac. They are spirited, stubborn, determined and materialistic. Their stubbornness is due to strong will and determination. They are strong and steadfast, deeply caring, smart, and intelligent. They are the best representative of growth and development. They are ruled by the planet Venus, which instills within them an inclination for love, luxury and comfort. Taurus individuals do not like pushback or change in life and love the comfort and routine of their home life.

Let us have a look at some of the positive and negative traits of Taurus:

Positive traits of Taurus

They are often called upon for advice by others as you have enough common sense. They are methodical about their approach towards tasks and are known for their logical thinking. This is the reason why their close ones consult you when they are in difficult situations or take big decisions in life. They give them a healthy dose of common sense to deal with it.

Generous and Trustworthy

They are very generous to the people around. They are loyal persons who like to maintain relationships till the end once one has earned their trust. They are extremely caring and kind. They don't play games straight and honest with those around them. They try to keep everyone's innermost secrets.

Determined Taurus

They are very focused, determined and hardworking at work. They know very well how to hustle. Their dedication towards work is amazing. They are hard working and can push themselves to any extent to get the job done successfully. They are consistent at their work and stick to one project for a long time.

Organizer Taurus

They are well organized and handle everything efficiently. They look into the deep details before strategizing any project or event. They are good finishers and face all difficulties. They know how to use diplomacy and tact to take things in the right direction.


They are neither afraid to wait nor worry about it. They live life slow. They are very patient with their tasks. They have keen desire to consider things and move after analyzing them from all angles.

Taurus Negative Traits


They depend too much on relationships to make their lives more comfortable. They seem to be jealous and too concerned to acquire money. They are naturally jealous when materialistic pleasures and appearances come to the forefront.


They are quiet and quite lazy. They have a calm outlook and presence of mind. They like to take time out from daily chores to relax and enjoy life.


They are stubborn at times, especially when they truly believe they are right. Once they settle into routine it may take a long time for them to change minds. They are very strong minded and stick to their guns.


Taurus really should learn to take care of themselves independently. They must understand that their near and dear ones cannot revolve around them all the time. They can't always be the center of everyone's attention.


They are great procrastinators. They have difficulty balancing their time between work and rest. They enjoy work as well as leisure but do not crave both at the same time. They are either working hard or spend free time.


They always strive for comfort and luxurious life. They have grand plans to make it big too.

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