Cancer Woman Horoscope

Cancer Woman Horoscope

Cancer Women are family woman and family is first priority for them. Cancer woman are peaceful and they are passionate. Cancer woman is strong and persistent and at the same time they are reserved, stubborn and like to be in their own shell. They have this mood swings as well and at times they are very unpredictable.

When a cancer woman is in love she is completely in love, Cancer women are loving, caring, soft and gentle lover. Cancer woman falls in love slowly, and once she is in love she is devoted and loyal lover. Cancer woman are exceptional lover and emotional also, but at times a moody person also, so you need to be very tactful and sensitive.

If we talk about cancer woman career and they are good as a businesswoman. She is sharp and she judges projects well before entering them. They touch the top slowly by going step by step and their goal is always in their mind. They are always well prepared for their conferences and meetings and turns out to be a responsible and reliable employee.

Cancer woman handles money well and she saves money for her home and keeps it for future as well. Cancer woman is very good investors, she invests money well, and looks for financial stability and comfort.

Cancer woman are most compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. Water is the element of cancer woman and their lucky colours are White and Orange their lucky numbers are 2, 7,11,16,20,25 and their lucky days are Monday and Thursday.

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