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I would say that's services are a value for money. With such a small amount, you can know so much about yourself and can get answers to any thing. I am looking forward to deal with them again

By Prafful Dhasmana, Data Analyst, Assam has come up with this new medical astrology thing through which they can diagnose the mental state of the person in disease. It is amazing how they can treat people psychologically and help them. I am in a very happy space now.

By Pooja Rana, Assistant at JLL, Delhi

About Health Report

Find out the health and well being patterns from the Health Report and learn which way overall health would go in the coming planetary periods. Discover all about your quality of life good or poor, diseases or injuries, surgery or alternative therapy, etc.

We, at, take help of the Medical astrology, a division of Indian astrology, in which our astrologer examines the horoscope to find out the planetary positions which are related negatively or positively with health. Even the emotional health is effected by the planetary positions and the dasha periods.

In the Health report, our expert astrologer will furnish fine details of several ailments and health disorders which might be brought on you by the planetary positions. The report will additionally offer understanding of the timing of events and present you with indications as to when complications may begin, or diminish off. We strive our level best to resolve all possible problems through our individualized report.

Below are a few concerns corresponding to health that people seek the answer for:

  • When will my overall health improve?
  • I am uncertain about the diagnosis. Is it accurate or not?
  • Will I need to undergo a surgical treatment?
  • Will I face any accident in future?
  • How can I enhance my health?
  • Whether I have depression symptoms or suicidal inclinations?
  • Most beneficial mantras, Yantras and remedies for improving upon wellness.

Now, you need not be concerned about your health problems. We can enable you to find accurate and appropriate answers to your all queries associated with health.

Our astrologer would advise unique helpful actions to resolve your health related challenges. Due care and attention is undertaken while studying your horoscope and recommending unique and safe remedies in handling all types of health concerns.

All information is kept completely confidential.

This report will present you

  • Your Natal Horoscope
  • Your individual Astrological info
  • Influences of houses related to wellness
  • Influences of specific planets.
  • Assessment of Divisional Chart
  • Indications of diseases probable
  • Exclusive comment on your Health issue
  • Periods of excellent and lousy health
  • Dasha periods affecting Health (15 years).
  • Yantra suggestions
  • Advice of astrological solutions
  • Any query related to the report within 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cost.

Simple and Easy to understand

Extra Benefits : Free Service worth Rs. 600.00  + Free Delivery (on E-Mail)

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Read Customer Reviews

I was diagnosed with slip disk problem and in over two years my doctor could not treat it, disappointed I tried contacting astrologers and then I ordered health report from They suggested me to switch my doctor and also gave some remedies. It helped me heaps and I feel very well now

By Hemant Sharma, businessman, Udaipur

I had a great experience with and applaud all those who work to make this website work. It has great articles written on it and also the report that it offers are great and informative. Last I ordered health report that helped me a lot

By Heena Gupta, teacher, Indore

In such a small amount I got all the information on yantra, mantra, diet plans, changes in lifestyle, that helped me to improve upon my health and me fit. It is like 90% sale on my favourite brands. I highly recommend this website

By Jay zi, fashion designer, Mumbai.

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