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Special Online Astrology Services

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If you are looking to get answers to your single specific question then this astrology report would provide you the analysis of your horoscope and also would suggest you the remedies to overcome the problem or hindrances. Even if you are not aware of your birth time then even you can use this Ask a question service to get the answer without the use of the birth date or birth time. Ask Question on Love, Marriage, Job / Career., Money, More..


If you are not aware of your time or birth then this report would help you to find the right time. AT times you may feel that the predictions given to you are not coming true this could also be due to incorrect birth time or small variation in birth time. If you wish to know the correct birth time then this is analysis would sure help you out Get your birth time rectified Now.


Gems or Gemstones or RATNA in hindi are seen to have a magnifying effect. The Gemstones increase the effects of the planets in the horoscope. If the planet is beneficial in your horoscope then it would increase the positive effects and if the planet is not beneficial then it would increase the negative effects Get a Gem Stone Consultancy Report


Match Making report or the Horoscope matching report is one of the best specialized astrology report made by our astrologer at Askganesha.com This report is the most sought out report by people from all over the world. This horoscope matching report not only calculates the Gun Milan and the Manglik but also takes in consideration the whole of the nine planets, the dasha of planets, the yogas and the other combinations Get a Horoscope Match Making Astrology Report..


The time of starting any event holds a big importance in its final outcome. It has been seen that if an event is started in auspicious time it is more likely to give good results. The auspicious time or the Muhurat can be for any event such as , child birth, travel, start of new business, joining of job, construction of house, date and time for marriage, etc Get it checked if you are doing things at right Mahurat or not.


Our Remedial report gives the list of all the remedies which help an individual to achieve all the promises he/she has in his birth chart. These vedic remedies will sure help in minimizing the bad influence of planets affecting love/marriage, finance, career and social life of a person. You can improve the quality of life through vedic remedies


Saade sati of planet Saturn is actually the transit of planet Saturn through the houses which are placed in accordance with the rashi or the moon sign of one s horoscope. It is feared by most but in actual it has different effects some are quiet good and some are not. But the main thing is there are various ways to overcome it


Planet Mars holds a strong position in Indian astrology. The placement of planet Mars in the houses 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 is know to form the Manglik dosh. It is feared and thought to be the most dreaded in regards to marriage and married life. You can get the real picture of the effects of the planet Mars through the special Manglik report


What all seven planets comes on one side of planets Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope, KalSarpa dosha is formed but it doesn't mean that you will find negative effects. To get a real picture, astrologer need to do deep analysis of the horoscope and if there is any malefic effect, he will also guide you properly with remedies. Before just creating a fear in your mind about KalSarpa Dosha, it is always better to go for astrology advice. Many famous people have this Yoga in their chart. Know how to make this Dosha a favorable Yoga. Get a KalSarpa Dosh Analysis Report..


After analyzing the horoscope in accordance with Lal-Kitab, of an individual, We suggest unique remedial measures , to solve chronic and critical human problems in day to day life. These remedies are completely self defensive against the evils created by the planets without causing injury in anyway to anyone concerned. Lal-Kitab remedies are cheap and within the reach of the common man and are infallible. Get your Lal Kitab Report Now.

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