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About Child Name Report

With this report you will be able to take an informed decision as to which name to keep for your child so that the support of the planetary positions is there for the child’s overall development and especially in the main aspects of life such as health, career, finance, marriage, travel, relationships, property, vehicle etc.

A name is a big key to the kind of person a child will be. A name affects one in various ways. it affects one's thinking it tunes you to specific and predictable qualities of thinking. Every name has a specific influence: first names, nicknames, surnames, as do the combinations of these names. It may be the single most important discovery of one's life.

A name affects health, each name can increase or undermine your overall health and wellness. It also has a great influence on one's inner values for example, if a child has an in-born potential to be a leader, but the name is hindering leadership qualities, he/she could suffer frustration and tension as a result.

You need not worry and let our astrologer guide you through this process and give an outstanding name for your child. If you have any special preference of some name you can send it too and our astrologer will also look into it.

This report will provide you :

  • Horoscope of your child
  • Moon sign and its Analysis
  • Birth Star and its Analysis
  • Suitable alphabets and names according to the planetary positions
  • The names numerological significance.
  • Best Astrological Remedies for better development of your child’s future.

Simple and Easy to understand

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