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It is not less than a miracle if one could get his/her previous birth report. You can know what you have done in your past for which you are sowing the good or bad deeds or whatever. It is always fun to know about your past life, isn't it?

By Shantanu Tyagi, Engineer, Meerut

Astrologers at are very intelligent and practiced very well. They seem very genuine as well as patient. They gave my previous birth report which is elaborately explaining my previous birth karma along with its solutions that I can do to overcome my problems.

By Kaushal Sinha, businessman, Delhi

About Past Life or Previous Birth Report

Ever wondered why the things are as they are. Things could be moving fine or through disturb waters. Some events in life are not understood why they happen but they just do. It is all because of your previous birth actions.

There is a well known saying what goes around comes around. The good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the bright and the dim, all are because of the actions one do in present as well as previous birth.

It is simply the concept, whatever a man sowed, that shall he also reap. Every action has a result. There is no such thing that an action without a result. Your every physical action is a deed. Your speech and words are deeds, even your thought is a deed. Indeed every thought, word or deed generates an appropriate reaction and is weighed on the scales of eternal justice. Nobody can get away from the actions done in the previous birth.

You may or may not experience this result in the same lifetime.

According to Hindu scriptures, body alone dies, the immortal soul [atman] within the body never dies, but the path that soul takes is decided by the past actions of the body.

We can help you to know what actions (karmas) you did in your previous birth and what actions (karmas) you could do to make your present life better.

All you have to do is opt for the previous birth report and we will calculate through vedic charts what is passed from your previous birth to your present birth (Sanchit Karmas) and suggest you the remedies which could be done to make your life better.

Apart from the good and bad in your horoscope we understand that it is more important that the things get better and for this we would suggest you the right and effective remedies which would not only help you to overcome the previous birth karmas but would also help you to get more out of the good times

This report will provide you:

  • Formation of natal horoscope
  • Formation of the divisional Chart
  • Complete analysis of natal horoscope in regards to previous birth
  • Description of your deeds in the past birth
  • Effects of the previous deeds done in previous birth
  • Finding the root cause of your present problems
  • Suggestions to get the things better in present and future births
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies

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Read Customer Reviews

I have found a great website when I found They are logical and they have practical remedies to every problem. I ordered previous birth report which they provided and I was shocked to see what a low life I was in my previous birth. Anyways I m a nice person now and I am doing all I could to pay for the bad deeds.

By Ayaan Joshi, manager, Pune

Previous birth report tells you what good or bad deeds you committed to deserve the treatment you are getting in this life. Along with this, they tell some solutions or mantras which can help reduce the adversity of effects they have on today

By Kamini Oberoi, pharmacist, London

I am highly thankful to askganesha for all their support and astrological help they provided me. I cannot share my problem but they sure gave me a solution to vanish my problems by diiging in to my past life.

By Sharman Arora, HR consultant, Gurgaon

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