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Me and my wife opted for this romance report from when we started to face some problems in our personal life. The report that they gave, was providing clarity to our relationship and also their remedies worked and helped us

By Aayush Gautam, navy officer, Meerut

For me romance report created a boom in my life. It helped me get the one I was in love with and also my parents agreed easily to our marriage, they just told me simple remedies which I did and succeeded in my love life

By Bhushan Jindal, factory owner, Faridabad

About Romance Report

The Romance report would provide you the deep analysis of horoscopes of two individuals unique personality features complement or perhaps conflict in a relationship.

This is what the report comes inclusive of :
  • Figure out if he or she the right one for you?
  • Are you two soul mates?
  • Do you feel there is a powerful bond between the two of you?
  • Would the relationship be long lasting or will it end up being just a fling?
  • Are the emotional feelings mutual?
  • Is it just going to be dating or is there a lot more to this relationship

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The Romance Report measures up the fine details of your horoscope with the horoscope of your companion.

Utilizing your astrological birth charts (horoscope includes your Sun, Moon, Rising sign and many others) from the date, time, and place of your birth, the report states thoughts and opinions about the affection & discord between the two partners. The Romance Report is a superb method for people who wish to know more details on their relationship.

Get the Romance Report particularly if are currently dating for any special Love Match to come into your life. Chances are, that you might have already met him or her. It suggests the best way to add happiness in your union, and offers tips to pacify troubled waters. Additionally, it lets you know efficient ways to encourage and support one another, and warns you about potential pitfalls.

Learn all of this and much more about your love life from the Romance Report. Get a Comprehensive and unaltered review of your Horoscope for absolute Contentment.

Book Romance Report - Get 33% discount

Our astrologer would recommend exceptional Astrological solutions to resolve any kind of hurdles in your romantic life without causing damage on anybody, i.e., these remedies are totally self-defensive against any evils brought to life by your planets.

Give yourself the most advantage and emotional investment into your love life, and seek out a person that is perfect for you.

This report would provide you :
  • Your birth Chart
  • The Astrological effects of the birth chart
  • Consequences of houses related to Love/Romance
  • Results of planets concerned with romance/love.
  • Divisional Chart and its effect
  • Psychological Good and bad points
  • Unique comment on your relationship concern
  • Cycles involving peace and Disharmony
  • Table of planets -Dasha
  • Table of planets evaluation in relation to Romance.
  • Suggestion of yantra for love/romance
  • Other astrological remedies
  • Any query related to the report with in 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cost.

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USD 82.00

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Read Customer Reviews

Hi I am Naresh from South Africa. I really like how works, it is recommended to me by my parents. I have used many of its services and also its romance report service which has opened my eyes to the facts unknown to me

By Naresh Bhutani, IT associate, South Africa

I believe that astrology can help us to just one point and if we still do not open our eyes then we are the fools. I took their help via romance report and they told me the reality and I did not believe it. Ultimately I was dumped and had to bear all the brunt

By Nikhil Oberoi, CSR, Gurgaon

I was dating a girl for a year and got really really serious for her. I decided it to marry her and then I ordered the romance report just to see if there would be no problem. The report gave clarity and now we both are happily married.

By Nilesh Bharwani, audit consultant, Gurgaon

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