Leo Woman Horoscope

Leo Woman Horoscope

Leo Women are confident, bright, fiery and enthusiastic and they are terrific lover and great friend. Leo woman do not like to be in fashion as they are the one with their own style. Leo woman loves to be different. Leo woman want to be noticed and love to be admired. At times Leo woman is dramatic and at times she is so passionate and warm hearted. A Leo woman is attention seeker and needs respect.

You have to win a Leo woman over, as they do not try people to impress, and a Leo woman is never falls short for male attention. A Leo woman is romantic and passionate and loves so deeply and devotedly and expects the same from her partner in return. A Leo woman loves to be pampered and her taste is superb in anything, so keep in mind while giving her gifts or buying something for her that she loves classy and something which reflects her confident image and also keep in mind that she does not like cheap gifts.

Leo woman is always on top in their career and are among the asset to a company, loyal toward the employer and their enthusiasm level and interest level is always high and they are successful in their career and great team leader and team player and everybody takes opinions from them.

For money wise Leo woman loves to splurge the money on luxurious things and a Leo woman loves to buy luxurious and classy stuff for herself and though she is also someone who saves money for crisis but she spends money freely.

Leo woman is most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius, fire is the element of Leo woman and lucky colours are Red, Orange, Gold and white. Lucky numbers are 1,4,10,13,19,22.

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