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Hello frnds, I m a housewife. I got married in 2010 but never went out of India so out of curiosity I asked when will I go out of India and their reply was within a year but just for travel. I was surprised when my husband gifted me tickets to Europe on our anniversary

By Meghan, housewife, UdaipurP

I wanted to pursue higher studies in US but the visa system was so bad that I was not able to get through it, this is when I seek their help and with their quick remedies all my problems got solved

By Kunal Sharma, student, USA

I am an engineer and I wanted to go abroad to settle there as they have more and better opportunities over there but I could not go. I raised this question from and they told me that I can grow better by working over here only. I agreed and to my surprise, a great opportunity was waiting for me.

By Mayank Grewal, Engineer, Gurgaon

If you believe in astrology it is the best site for you. I used to visit this website to read my daily horoscope. One day I asked will I get a job overseas and chances of settling over there. The answer changed my life 360 degrees and I am living a great life today.

By Alishya Samudre, head at bakery, Canada

Hi I am kamiya living in London, I wanted to know if my family ever will join me here and asked the same from They told me that my family will come here for some time and so did it happen.

By Kamiya Malhotra, Lawyer, London

My experience with has been wonderful. When my dad got sick, we almost got broke due to his expensive treatment but all in vain. I asked if we could dad to abroad for treatment and with their helpful predictions and remedies and my dad is as healthy as a youngster.

By Harpreet Chabbra, businessman, Sri Lanka

While living out of country, I started to feel home sick and lonely, I approached this service and to know I ask if I will ever visit my home country? They said yes but in a while. Their predictions are helpful and stress relieving

By Raman Chatwal, doctor, UK

Silly as it may sound but I approached this service of asking a question on travel to know if I will travel to some foreign country for my honeymoon. I am going to be married soon and my hubby will take me to new Zealand

By Sagarika Dutta, BPO job, Kolkata amazed to see their so true prediction, I keep availing their services one or other day. Read its fun filled and informative articles. Ask a question services are also very true and correct

By Rajni Malik, nurse, Delhi

I wanted to know if I can get a job transfer and will it be suitable for my life and career growth. I asked and they denied this but I still took a transfer to Sydney and my career was almost sluggish over and I ultimately had to come back to India

By Ankit Chawla, Manager at BPO, Gurgaon

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