Gemini Woman Horoscope

Gemini Woman Horoscope

Gemini Woman is of vibrant personality fun loving and carefree. At times Gemini woman are of dual personality. One minute they are caring and doting and the other minute they are sarcastic and short tempered. Gemini woman love to travel and explore new places. Gemini are intelligent and clever. They are highly adaptable and risk takers.

If we talk about their love relations they are highly romantic and not boring at all. Gemini woman falls for love and comes out of it very often because of her dual personality. A Gemini woman does not fall for love so easily as she test it and when she does not like things moving the way she wants she does not continue it. You will have to adjust as per her nature and her change in personality. When in love they love to talk to their partner for hours. They seem to be impatient and impractical as well. Some time they are confuse about their love relationship as well.

Gemini woman are always successful in their career as they are logical and good communicator and their nature is of well-balanced lady who manages her home and office both simultaneously.

Gemini woman are not that good money saver. They like to spend on themselves to fulfill their need of a particular time. They are shopaholics and impulsive shopper and at times they need financial help.

Gemini woman are compatible with Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. Air is the element of Gemini woman. Gemini woman lucky colours are Orange, Yellow and lemon. Lucky numbers are 5,14,23,32,41,50 and their lucky day is Wednesday.

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