Maa MahaKali Yagya

About Maa MahaKali Yagya

Yagya or Homams are performed for a particular deity by invoking Agni - the God of fire. It is said that when Lord Brahma created human beings, along with it he also created "Yagya or Homam" for man's livelihood and his attainment of spiritual requirements.

The spiritual powerhouse energizes millions of followers of divine Maa MahaKali to get what they are wishing. Devotees can have blessings of each and every form of divine power with their pure and unconditional love.

Maa MahaKali Yagya with 1135 Nama (names) of Mother shriri Bhadrakali uses ghee, cooked rice, red flowers, black pepper, sesame seeds, Gingili seed, sweets and Kastoori. This is very powerful for fulfilling your desired wishes. It also eliminates and neutralizes the effect of enemy's evil wishes.

Benefits of performing Maa MahaKali Yagya:
  • Brings peace, success and prosperity in life.
  • Removes hindrances on the path of your success.
  • Prevents a loss in business.
  • Maintains the balance in personal life.
  • Brings financial stability.
  • Retains peace at home.
  • Protects from evil forces and sorcery.
  • Enhances the fast recovery from illness.
  • Improvement in education.
  • Clears defamation due to unknown factors.
What all a devotee can derive out of Maa MahaKali Yagya?

Lakshmi Narayan Maha Yagya is performed for a trouble-free and peaceful life. This is said to be very effective to fulfill the wishes and desires of a person or his family. It removes the obstacles and makes one successful in your job or any work one plans on doing. This yagya also removes misfortunes and brings good luck for the devotee. This Homam is believed to be beneficial for restoring the sudden financial crunch. It is also believed by devotees that this auspicious maha yagya or Homam gives new hopes to those who are jobless.

This Homam combats the affects of sorcery or black magic and removes fear. Maa MahaKali brings peace and happiness to the family. By offering homam to Maa MahaKali one can remove distress and the evil forces around you and your family. One can attain victory in business and public life by performing this yagya. This homam replaces the fear and sorrow in your life with courage and happiness.

Performing this yagya will fulfill all your desires and problems related to delayed marriage and infertility. This homam will elevate an individual's position in society. It will also ensure professional and health stability. Maa MahaKali Yagya will make you more strong and victorious and you will become the reflection of Kali's ferociousness and determination.

Rituals included in this Yagya:

The rituals of Maa MahaKali involve a series of powerful pujas, japas and homams to achieve its full potential

  • Shaneeshwara Shanti Puja- It helps those under the bad influence of planet Saturn, one of the most influential planets that provide fortune according to one's karma.
  • Vakra Kali Puja- This removes evil and all other kind of negative effects.
  • Mahakali Beejakshara Puja- provide a solution to serious problems and all-round progress.
  • Durga Suktha Parayanam- Dispels fears, results in valor and vitality.
  • Mahakali Moola Mantra Japam- It provides immediate relief from pain, mitigates evil and ill effects of Saturn.
  • Mahurat Calculation
  • Yagna for 11 days
  • 51000 Mantra recitation
  • Prasad Distribution
  • Donation to poor
  • Grass feeding to Cows
  • Seed Feeding to Birds
  • Special Aarti Book
  • Energized Hand Made Yantra
  • Energized incense sticks 600 pcs
  • Energized Amulet/Kawach
  • Energized Rudraksh
  • Holy Prasad
  • Vibhuti
  • Roli Moli
  • Energized Mala/Roseary
  • Langar on 11th Day

AskGanesha can help the devotees in performing this yagya with proper vidhi vidhan.

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Top Customer Reviews

I was married since 5 yrs but not able to conceive a child even after a lot of medical treatment. I was dejected in my life and felt incomplete that's when my mother-in-law heard about Maa MahaKali Yagya which was very beneficial for my cases. But we had no clue how to proceed with it, so I took guidance from AskGanesha and was able to do the Yagya with complete guidelines. Maa Kali bestowed her blessing on us and we were blessed with a baby girl within a year.

By Isha Goel, housewife, Meerut

Some evil experiences were being felt in our family home in Shimla which was affecting us. We wanted to do a full fledged Yagya for warding off the evil from our ancestral home. The astrologers from AskGanesha advised me on this Yagya and many other Vedic remedies. The Purohits performed the Yagya and it really worked as a positive aura surrounded our home. This Yagya really worked for me.

By Misha Yadav, Service, Haryana

Last month I consulted an astrologer from AskGanesha for curing my father's health. They provided us a variety of choices which we can order and get it performed from their place only. They performed the Maa MahaKali Yagya on behalf of our family. All the vidhi vidhan were kept in mind and they sent the photos and videos of the same from time to time. The end result was that my father is healthy and fit now.

By Monica Singh, Advocate, Chennai

I performed Maa MahaKali Yagya as my marriage prospects were becoming old. Once my marriage got fixed but got broken due to one or the other reason. My family consulted AskGanesha Astrologers to perform this Yagya. It worked as a miracle in our life and after performing this Yagya I got a good marriage offer and within 6 months got married.

By Pratap Verma, risk analyst, US

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