Maa Kali

Maa Kali

Goddess Kali is one of the nine forms of Shakti in Hinduism. She is considered as the fiercest of all the Goddesses. She is one of the kindest and the benevolent of all the Goddesses besides having fierce looks. She provides liberation and salvation to her devotees.

Goddess Kali is one of the nine forms of Shakti (Durga, Parvati, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Chandi, Annapurna, Amba, Kali, Tripurasundari) in Hinduism. She is considered as the fiercest of all the Goddesses. Her other names are Bhadrakali, Rudrani, Dakshinakali, Mahakali. The word 'Kali' originates from the word 'kaal' meaning 'time' in English. Goddess Kali depicts energy that is beyond time. She is portrayed in a very fierce manner. She has a black skin with a red tongue hanging out from her mouth. She wears a garland made of skulls. Her eyes depicting anger and death. She has four arms. One arm holding sword, other holding trishula, third one holding the head of demon Mahishasura and the fourth one holding a bowl in which the blood is dripping from the demon's head. She is portrayed standing on her consort Lord Shiva, who lies there calmly.

Despite her fearful depiction, she is considered as one of the kindest and the benevolent of all the Goddesses. She provides liberation and salvation to her devotees. She is often considered alike her consort Lord Shiva as both are destroyer. She is also known to be as the Goddess of death but actually she brings the death of the ego and the evil forces. She originated to kill the demons, so she should not be confused with Lord Yama (God of death). While she kills the demons, she promotes the idea of spirituality that means after death, the corporeal frame decays but what remains is the soul so everyone should let go of their stubborn ego.

Maa Kali Puja

Maa Kali Puja is beneficial in innumerable terms like keeping off the bad eyes of people ceasing your growth and development, delays in marriage, failure in progeny, ill health, poor concentration and decision making. Maa Kali Puja is performed by recitation of Maa Kali Mantra by a well-versed Purohit. It can be performed on someone's behalf as well.

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Top Customer Reviews

I performed Maa Kali Puja as I was not getting married, every time my marriage got fixed, it broke because of one or other reason. I was very disturbed. My family pundit asked me to perform Maa Kali Puja to get rid of the problem so I performed the same, it worked like a miracle in my life and I got married within 2 months of the puja.

By Karan malik, engineer, Boston

I had the same kind of experience and it worked like a miracle to me as well. advised me to get Maa Kali Puja performed so that my married life problems can go away. I ordered this website to do this puja on my behalf and they shared photos with me. The puja really worked for me.

By Hannish Dawar, Service, Punjab

Since my childhood, I offer puja to Maa Kali and always got fancied by Maa appearance and her stories. Somehow they never appeared mythical to me, I believe that all that is written really happened in real life. I faced problems in conceiving a child and this is when I performed a long sustaining puja for Maa Kali. It really proved effective for me.

By Isha Vijh, housewife, Delhi

Astrologer of advised me to do puja for Maa Kali to cure my ill health. offers a service in which one can order to perform puja on his/her behalf for a particular reason and a particular diety. They send the photos along with bhabhuti. I ordered the service and they sent me all the proofs. It proved really effective for me.

By Rohan Tokas, Artist, Bangalore

My business was being hampered by time and again and every time I started to progress a little, something bad would happen and ruin all my hard work. I performed Maa Kali Puja and everything got fine. Thank you Maa Kali.

By Ketan Yadav, Self employed, Ireland

Maa Kali Puja

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