Lord Harihara

Lord Harihara is the fusion avatar of the two supreme Gods of the Trinity, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Lord Harihara represents Lord Vishnu (Hari) and Lord Shiva (Hara) from the hindu tradition. Harihara is often termed as Shankarnarayana, Lord Shiva being Shankar and Lord Vishnu being Narayan. Thus Lord Harihara is worshipped and revered by both Vaishnavs and Shaivites. Harihar is portrayed as split down in the middle combining the half of Lord Vishnu and half of Lord Shiva. The half representing Lord Shiva in a blue complexion wearing tiger skin, trishul in one hand and water flowing from the head of the Lord. The other half representing lord Vishnu wearing tall crown and jewellery holding Gada in one hand downwards and Chakra in another hand upwards.

Harihara is also a name of a city in Devanagere district in the state of Karnataka. The legend behind this states that once there lived a Demon Guhasura in the dense jungle of Guharanaya. He was blessed with a gift by a Deva that no human, demon or God can kill him. Proud of himself, he started to harass the people of the place and inhumanity dominated the places around the jungle. To stop all this, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva came together in a new avatar, Harihara and killed the demon Guhasura. Now the place is called Harihar and it is geographically located at the centre of Karnataka. There is a very famous temple dedicated to Lord Harihar named as Harihareshwar in Karnataka.

Lord Harihara Puja

Harihar Puja is performed to get rid of the evil forces acting as a hindrance in a peaceful and prosperous life. It is believed that by performing this puja, both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are appeased and they help in eliminating all the evil forces from one's life thereby bringing happiness and prosperity. This Puja is performed by a well versed and experienced Purohit and it can be performed on someone's behalf as well.

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Lord Harihar is both Vishnu and Shiva. Both are supreme Gods and they help in making a person's life peaceful if they are worshipped on a regular basis. I did the puja through the help of a purohit which Askganesha.com arranged for me and the puja helped in making my life better.

By Mayank Jain, business, Delhi

I really believe in both Vishnu and Shiva bhagwan. They are the ones who make and destroy. I also did their puja and belive me that since thn I m a very happy guy. Thank you Harihar, you are the best God.

By Saloni Kothari, housewife, Amritsar

First of all, I wanna thank Askganesha.com which is helping me from a long time. All the problems are very well handled by this website and I know where to head whenever I am feeling down. Recently I tried their Puja service and it helped me a great deal. I tried Lord Harihar Puja and the results were as expected and that is awesome.

By Priyanka Khanna, HR manager, Gurgaon

This website was recommended to me by one of my colleague and since then, I can not thank her enough. I have consulted it in almost all the aspects of my life and never felt disappointed. They arranged Harihar Puja for me which has helped in making my bad planets less effective for my work and personal life.

By Ankit Chawla, CA, Manipur

Lord Harihar Puja is beneficial for those who are looking for a peaceful and prosperous life. Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva help their devotees to get rid of their problems in no time. I have worshipped them and found their blessings very effective.

By Aakash Godara, Doctor, Netherlands

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