Bhadrakali is one of the most powerful forms of Goddess Parvati or Devi. Goddess Parvati is the consort of Lord Shiva and Bhadrakali is one of the nine forms of Devi. The word 'Bhadra' is a Sanskrit word that means the one who blesses with good fortune and protects from the evil. Thus Bhadrakali is the fierce form of Kali that protects the good from the evil, bring good fortune and prosperity in the lives of the devotees. Her fierceness is projected by her three eyes, four hands in which she holds the head of the demon in one, and a number of weapons in others. Her tongue is out all red with the blood and she wears crown on her head, wears a garland made of skull and flames flowing behind her head. She stands on Lord Shiva while he lays calmly under her.

It is believed that Goddess Bhadrakali took birth to end the weary tantrums by demon Darika. Darika was blessed by Lord Brahma that he can never be harmed by any form of death or destruction from a male. Taking advantage of this grant, he started to harass the people, this made Lord Shiva very restless and he created Goddess Bhadrakali to kill the demon Darika. He opened his third eye and Goddess Bhadrakali appeared from it to destroy Darika. She then assassinated Darika as the grant did not involve the condition of a woman killing him. She returned kailash holding the head of the demon Darika. Thus peace was restored in the world.

Bhadrakali Puja

There are temples of Bhadrakali all over India namely Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Jharkand, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Oddissa, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal. It is said that the one who worships Goddess Bhadrakali is blessed with Good health, fortune and prosperity and his/her life. A pooja along with chanting of mantras can be performed with the help of a well versed purohit.

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Maa Bhadrakali protects everyone from the black eyes and magic. Me and my parents performed the pooja when our home was on the stage of getting sold. We were very disturbed and nothing helped. A very famous pundit told us that we should do this puja to get rid of the problems. He was very right as after we do the puja, magically our problem got sold and we won the case of our home.

By Sweta Gupta, housewife, Aligarh

I ordered this puja to be done on my part from as I live out of India and I could not do the puja over here as we don't easily trust the pundits here. They took a nominal fee to do the puja. After the puja, my problem got over and sent me the proofs over here in the form of photos and yantras.

By Neeraj Kumar, self employed, California

Hi all. I would also like to share my experience with everyone who is reading this. I was suffering from a very bad health and this is when Astrologer of recommended me to do puja of Maa Bhadrakali so as to improve my health. As per they said, I performed the puja and it actually benefited me and my health in the long run.

By Siddhartha Thakur, Businessman, Kolkata

I took advice of many astrologers and pundits on how to improve my financial conditions so that I can turn my dreams in to reality. I got to know about Maa Bhadrakali Puja and how it has helped many to achieve a fortunate and prosperous life. I had the puja performed in the temple with a good pundit. The puja really helped me to overcome problems and come to a stable position in life.

By Niyati Vasudeva, Banker, Delhi

I have a firm belief in all the forms of Devi. They represent the powers of a woman and teach the society that women are no less than men. To get a good career, I decided to perform a puja on the name of Maa Bhadrakali. I took the help of as this website provides the service of arranging for the puja on the behalf of others. So I paid them the amount and they performed the puja. The puja is very beneficial and effective.

By Garima Bhardwaj, writer, Jaipur

Bhadrakali Puja